Season fizzling out....

Ronald Sutherland

We have had the best of it now by all accounts and it looks like the season will be drifting out on a low note unlike the start! The final tally will limp over the 1000 mark but it will be best remembered as a "non event". There were around 35 fish off last week and a sealiced grilse from the Marrel pool

The good news is that we are running our famous fly BOGOF for the rest of the week so if you have fishing planned on the Tweed etc, then bulk up with some great back end flies right now, Rs SuperSnaeldas, Frances Coneheads, Junction Shrimp.....all lethal Autumn flies. Also don't forget that Spring is just around the corner so get stuck into those flies too, copper tubes, coneheads, tungsten tubes, it was the Alistair Tigertail which caught the first fish of the season this year, stick it on for the Autumn as it may catch you a fine fish or too yet. Hit our homepage and start shopping for your free flies right now - http://www.helmsdalecompany.com/

And so the big Scottish Indy referendum has passed and 55% have voted for the status quo. All I will say on the matter is this, prepare for some hard hitting land and freshwater fishery reform as the Scottish Government will now be in the mood for major change and they will not be taking any prisoners.


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