Autumn flies

The Helmsdale season is almost over but the cooler temperatures are starting to switch a few fish on. Fish were taken from the top to bottom of the river with a nice solid late runner reported from beat 1 below and a big fish from beat 5 above  The heavy rain forecast for the week ahead will unfortunately arrive a little too late for a big finish as the loch is extremely low.

On the Helmsdale Co front online we are producing flies like never before as anglers rev up for their autumn fishing, some of our latest deadly tubes below.

Frances on Fire 1" tungsten tube - a serious shimmering new Frances design which will get right down in front of fish as the water cools - these will cause havoc if you fish them sink and draw style in the deeper pools, stand by for action!

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The fishing does not contain many headlines at the moment other than rain is much needed, most rivers in the North are very low and catches are struggling. Rain is forecast this week, lets hope it tops everything up so the season can finish with a bang!

It is fly-tying season all season nowadays but as the darker nights draw in, more anglers get the vice out and start creating new patterns for the season ahead and start replenishing their flyboxes.

We have loads of great materials and components and below we will feature some of the best.

Semperfli in our opinion now offer the absolute best tying threads on the market. 2 specific types, waxed thread and the incredible Nano silk. Nano silk is unbreakable and if you have not tried it then you should, you will be amazed at the strength right down to 18/0....

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