The Helmsdale is still producing good numbers of fish but few are fresh run now.

A super 25 pounder was hooked and returned on the loch along with another 3 for Badanloch rods on Thursday. Most rods did fairly well with scores in the teens. On a brief encounter with beat 2, I had the pleasure of a few hours and landed 3 on a mixture of Green boar shrimp and Tsunami. The latter fly providing lots of aggressive offers and follows. The pic below shows what happens when a super aggressive 20lbs + fish launches itself at the skating Tsunami and only hits one hook! The Rubbish heap on beat 2 above was the pool and the Willie Gunn Tsunami was skating beautifully at long range right into the draw and bang, a textbook smash on the surface and the brute took off upstream jumping 3 times before throwing the hook – the result is what you see below! A Totally straightened kamasan treble hook!! At this time of the year it very often pays to fish something a little...

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