The Helmsdale produced around 30 fish last week in low conditions which is probably par for the course at this time of the year. The grilse are filtering in and the run should build over July. Seatrout are also gathering and are being caught on the association water when tide suits. Local experts William & Alistair Jappy are picking off a few salmon in the local hot spots along with Jim Forsythe as catches improve weekly.

The peak of the season is almost upon us so sharpen your hooks for the main summer salmon and seatrout run. We have all your seatrouting and salmon requirements right here and the flies you see below are second to none as far as the salmon are concerned - the RS Alistair Special. This fly is one of our very best and it is back in stock - the bad news is that it will sell out very quickly so please grab of these stunning tubes when you have the chance! We have them available in 3 options of Copper, aluminium and plastic so the whole season is covered...

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Since there is not a lot happening on the rivers right now we thought we would brighten up your summer with another very special RS design fly deal.

We don’t usually let these red beauties go until later in the season but the summer salmon are gathering and they can’t wait for them! Our best selling RS Red Cascade is now on offer on 4 sizes of Patriot doubles and 4 sizes of copper tubes perfect for summer and autumn. Our advice? Grab them now because they will sell out and your chance will be gone for this season!. Another very exclusive set of stunning salmon flies from the Helmsdale Company, you cannot get these anywhere else.

You can grab them clicking here right now so take the chance and secure your set -

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As the temps and fishing hots up for the summer, we have 2 superb fly deals for you. I will not rabbit on about them too much as all the details are on the links for you, but, I will say that the flies are stunning and at a great price.

One of the deals is on a (buy 1 get 1 free) so you have a chance to stock up! pics below of our Pot bellied pig set where we give you 6 for the price of 5 and the other is a (buy 3 get another 3 free) on our gorgeous RS Silver Wilkinson summer flies which catch both salmon and seatrout - a very timely deal as the seatrout and grilse start to arrive in our rivers.

RS Pot Bellied Pig special deal -

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The fishing in Scotland is showing great promise with some good catches being reported all over the country, we know this from receiving excellent feedback from anglers using our flies. The recent dry spell with bright conditions has slowed things down a little but some lovely salmon are still being caught. A nice example was William Jappy landing a sparkling 19 pounder on the Helmsdale Association water, this beat favours lower water and should fish well as it approaches peak season for salmon and seatrout fishing.

We have had great success this season offering deadly salmon selections to suit all conditions with our latest being a tactical summer selection in our previous fishing report. We now have another massively popular fly in various options available as a set. The Rs Willie Gunn TD is one of our most popular and successful tubes based on the legendary Willie Gun colours - grab a set, you will not...

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This offer is going to be one of your most important buys this year if you take it up. There is a lot more to Salmon fishing than meets the eye. The most successful anglers fish tactically but firstly they need to be armed with flies for the job, that is where we come in. Ron has been catching salmon for 45 years and has caught fish in almost every way possible and invented more! These are his “go to” trending and tactical best flies in 2 must have selections. These flies will give you the tactical tricks to lure a salmon anywhere they swim.


Fish the weighted Red frances deep so...

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