Good week.

Ronald Sutherland

The river came up to 2 ft overnight on Sunday and flushed life back into the fishing. Bonanza it was not, but there were enough fresh and resident fish to score approx 100 fish for the week including the Association water. Sea-liced fish were reported from beat 4 above but I have not heard of a fish coming off the loch yet, this is no surprise as it is not taken seriously and rarely visited, having said that there will be plenty fish in it now and anyone giving up a few hours on the lower beat will be rewarded if the wind is favourable.

Although catches were generally good during the week it was still easy to miss out as pods of fresh fish ripped through the system. The week ended with a bang for Badanloch rods when Alistair & William Jappy got the nod late on Saturday. They had a great evening with 5 fish from beat 2 and 4 on beat 1 after...

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The Megan Boyd film is here - check out more below from the outstanding film documentary by American director Eric Steel.

Low water persisted last week and catches slowed down as a result. I would estimate around 35 fish off including 3 from the Association water. The highlight of the week would be a super sea-liced 25 pounder from Lower Caen for Johnnie Pilkington fishing Achentoul rods. The fish hit a Sunray Shadow and faught like a tiger - awesome sport!

Johnnie and his big fish

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Water required and latest report

Ronald Sutherland

last week the river fished very well considering the low water conditions. With around 80 fish off, many were obviously migrating under the cover of darkness as most fish caught were sealiced. The Sunray Shadow had a great week depending on which estate you were fishing and wee Alistairs and Baby Temple Dogs also scored well. The Association water only gave up 3 for the week with Peter Macmillan (2) and returning visitor Mr Bell the lucky anglers. The sea-trout are no different this year to anything else and are later than usual, very few are showing and only a couple have been caught by salmon anglers to date. We have some superb new Sea-trout Snake flies in stock if you want to catch these fish in the darkest hours of the night. 

Snake fly

There is little rain on the forecast apart from a few heavy showers - we may or may not get water! Check out the...

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