Sunshine spoils the fun!

Ronald Sutherland


The North was bathed in sunshine last week apart from the odd interruption of an Easterly harr on the coast. High pressure and an easterly flow are not condusive to top sport when it comes to salmon fishing. All things considered we had a hard act to follow if last year was anything to go by. This week last year the Ian Muir team of husband and wife smased all records for Kildonan rods with 43 for the week! a year on and the the conditions demanded the same application but in a more constructive way, we had a completely different challenge with bright sunshine and difficult clear low river but remarkably the same team topped the week with an admirable 10 fish. It was a superb effort by Shona Muir who made all the headlines this time round landing 6 of the 10 recorded from Kildonan showing some well executed tactics...

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The Helmsdale river roared back into form this week and the scoring was topped by a magnificent record breaking fish of 27lbs for local angler Alistair Jappy. Water levels have been excellent once again and on Saturday evening the upper Allan pool was looking good when Alistair arrived on the ebb of the high tide. His favourite Alistair fly (3/4" copper tube) was promptly chosen for the slightly peat stained water and 30 minutes later the biggest fish caught on the Association water in recent memory was grassed.

Alistair Jappy with his trophy 27 pounder and Upper Allan pool in the background.

Alistair Jappy 27 pounder.

The deadly monster catching Alistair tube. BUY HERE NOW -

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Salmon catches in general eased off last week in the North as water levels fell away and temperatures dropped dramatically. Achentoul rods got off to a flyer on Monday beat 6 on the Helmsdale with 5 fish but unfortunately that was the last scoring day for them. Overall catches were reported at around the 20 mark so you had to work hard for your fish. Anglers were seeing very few fish for the time of the year, I guess we have been spoiled by the greatness of May 2011! Incedentally we have new flies in stock on our homepage, check some of them out here tiny Crimp coneheads, Classic Alistairs, Posh Willie Gunns!

On the local front, Alistair Jappy dropped in from Sea and quickly added to his tally with a fine 12 pounder from the Sewerage pool (amidst heavy snow showers) one of our deadly Willie Gunn Temple Dogs did the trick tied on a 0.5" copper tube. The weather...

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