The Helmsdale has semi-bounced into action in the last couple of weeks. The week beginning Monday 4th May finally gave up a respectable 50 fish. A small rise of only 3ins in the river and good fishing conditions stimulated some action all through the system. The Association water also provided sport and 3 were landed, 2 by P Macmillan and one for Alistair Jappy - all in all a good week and the best this season.

This week was never going to top the previous as bright sunshine and easterly winds were persistent. However fish were caught early and late but only one more was recorded on the Association water by Hector Mackay.

Today Saturday 16th we have a 3ft spate rushing down the glen so the lucky rods fishing next week are in for some excellent sport one would think, lets hope there are lots of fish in the sea to come in.

Latest news…2 off the Association water this morning ( Mon 18th ) before breakfast...

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Just back from the Trout & Salmon Tweed Angling fair in Kelso at the weekend and its all doom and gloom on the salmon fishing front - all over Scotland . I was staying in the Ednam House Hotel looking over the famous Junction pool on the Tweed and I have yet to see a salmon jump! Many ghillies were milling around the show on Sunday from far and wide and the word was unanimous – the spring run is over and it never really started!

It also looks like the ASFBs ( Association of Salmon Fishery Boards ) in Scotland are about to cry a national call for 100% catch & release for the next 2 months to try and protect what’s left of this years worrying and feeble spring run – please read the attached article link People may say it won’t make much difference to stocks as the problem is all at sea –...

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