Rain required to kick start things!

Ronald Sutherland

As you can now see, the fishing report has been upgraded to a slightly different format, hopefully for the better, eventually!. Once I get to grips with how to use all the new icons I have in front of me the content should be fine with a few pictures.

We have added more new fly designs to our web-site this week for summer fishing in the UK and abroad. The secretive Dee Crathie fly and another unasuming but deadly low water summer favourite, the Logie. These are both tied on modern Salar doubles. We have also introduced new International Green Butt Loop doubles, Green & Red Butt Scandi Cascades, and Chartreuse into our range of feeler flies which have been a huge success since we introduced them to the market last year. However, don't forget just how good the old favourites are, like the Willie Dog & Ally Dog, Baby TDs, Silver Stoats tail, Alistair & Sunray Shadow. These...

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We have some great new flies for sale, check out the homepage for pics and details. Crathie doubles, Loop Cascade green butt, Skandi Monkey and our fabulous new Cascade feeler tube ( below ) and more to come very soon keeping us well ahead of the game in cutting edge fly design.

The fishing picked up on the Helmsdale over the last two weeks but it was far from explosive. Torrish rods had the best of the first April week with 5 fish to the Denham party. After around 15 fish for the week ( still no fish off over the falls) prospects...

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We are so keen for you to enjoy our Scott Mackenzie DTX range of salmon rods that we are giving away a free Carron Jetstream line with each rod for the next Month. The Carron series of salmon lines have been smashing distance casting records for years and recently they have even been improved. These remarkable lines just get better and better due to painstaking testing and the expert knowledge of Carron development team top man James Chalmers.

James is a real perfectionist and the new lines are twin colour and easy loading to make Spey and overhead casting a very easy operation indeed, even for the beginner. Match these superb lines up with rods designed by another legendary Highland distance casting genius Scott Mackenzie and you cannot fail to enjoy your salmon fishing whether you catch fish or not. I have used the DTX 15ft 4 piece rod since it hit the market and I have not used a better rod...

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