There is nothing spectacular about the spring run this season and it is not because fishing pressure is on the low side. Most UK rivers are seeing just a sprinkling of fish apart from the odd good day here and there. Highlights are few and far between, that was until Aaron Grant decided to fish above the falls of Kildonan on the Helmsdale. The Falls are a major temperature barrier holding back fish temporarily hence the reason beat 6 below the falls is generally one of the best spring beats. A fish was taken from the Fall pool last week so it was probable that they were on their way to the upper reaches of the system. Proof is pictured below as Aaron proudly shows off a stunning 20 pounder taken on the deadly Alistair tube.

The river is running low at around 5" so a top up is required to get things going again. Another 3 fish were reported from beat 6, 5 & 2, one of which was a solid 12 pounder from Upper...

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Quieter week

The Helmsdale had a pretty quiet week last week with just 5 fish reported. Andy Sutherland got the ball rolling with a lovely shaped fish off the Tail of the bay beat 3 on a Monkey and a few were reported from beat 5 & 6 with one from the Falls Pool. Focus will now be on the upper beats as fish will surely be over the Falls of Kildonan.

We still have our 3 + 1 on all salmon flies running so a great chance to bag some free flies for the rest of the season. Just put 3 + 1 in the comments section when ordering and we will add your free flies for every multiple of 3 you buy, its that simple - no promo codes required.

We have had a fantastic response to our Monkey deal ( seen in report below ) so we now have another fly highlighted and one with a huge following. Ron created this stunner a few years ago based on the super popular Posh Tosh tube. The Posh Willie...

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The Helmsdale produced 7 fish last week with the highlight being a brace for Graham Nichols on beat 6 out of Little Rock and Vale of Tears. The Association water also produced its first fish caught in the Flat pool by Jim Forsyth. Some real stunning fish are now coming off many rivers, the most notable a 26 pounder from the Spey at Kinnermony. Angling pressure is obviously still painfully light and the whole country is full of anglers dreaming of when they can next jump in the car and get that first cast of the season outwith their regional boundaries.

This however is a very exciting time of the season so we are going to take the opportunity to talk tactics using one of the deadliest flies,the Monkey fly. Check out our Monkey fly selection below and have a read on how to use them.

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Latest report

The Helmsdale was surprisingly quiet last weeks as water levels dropped away, as far as I know there were no fish off so we are taking the opportunity to show you a few of our best selling conehead salmon fly designs.

Please click on the youtube link here and Ron will talk you through some of his unique and super popular salmon flies -

We have also been tying some new RS designs and you can see one of them below using our favourite tying thread and synthetic jungle cock both from Semperfli which we have for sale on our website.

The stunning New RS Black & yellow Spring Alistair copper tube - Semperfli FL Red waxed No 8/0 + JC Synthetic Natural large.

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