High water week

It has been another tough week on the Helmsdale as the river has been on the high side and a rise to 3ft on Friday did not help matters but fish were still caught. Beat 3 was the hot spot for some reason but that was not totally surprising as it holds some long quality spring pools which fish in high water, especially the Tail of the Bay and that’s where 3 of 4 from the beat were caught. It also produced the fish of the week, a blistering 24 pounder for Alan Stone who I believe also had an 18 pounder from beat 4. Lower Torrish produced another fish for beat 3 and beat 5 scored again to make it 6. Saturday settled a little and 3 more fish were caught on beats 1, 2 & 4 to take the tally to a respectable hard fought 9 for the week

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Unsettled river

Not such a great week on the Helmsdale with only 4 fish reported. The river was unsettled but fish were caught on beat 5 (2) Kilphedir pool beat 2 and the Tail of the Bay beat 3.

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The river is simmering away and producing some nice fish. John (Hardy) Sutherland got the week off to a flyer hooking a perfect 14lbs sea licer at 9.05 am. The Whinnie pool beat 1 was the spot, Willie Gunn with green body did the rest! Another 5 were reported. Andy Sutherland struck again with an early morning 12 pounder from Lower Caen (bt 1) Jim Forsyth had his second from the Association water at 10lbs. Graham Nichols grassed a 9 pounder from Kilphedir (bt 2) on an Alistair tube and another fish was reported from beat 5. The best of the week fell to William Jappy who collided with a bruising 20 pounder covered in long tailed sea-lice on Friday, Dempsters pool (bt 4).

Andy with another missile at 12lbs


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