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The Helmsdale has had a good week as the springers have arrived with 4 lovely bars of silver off the river. Most of the bigger rivers have been struggling with contunued massive snow melt but the Helmsdale has been fining down to a great height all week and local anglers have been taking full advantage.

A beautiful Upper Torrish springer for Andy Sutherland (below) taken on the Golden Angel tubefly which is a mix between an Alistair and Garry Dog. Andy caught his biggest ever salmon (30.5lbs) on a Garry Dog tube on the Spey at Arndilly a few years ago so colours he likes and so do the fish! A mix of orange & yellow bucktail has always worked...

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3 of our best flies

Ron talks you through 3 of our best spring flies (click on the link below)

The first fish was caught on the Helmsdale by Kildonan ghillie Glen Macdonald at 9lbs from beat 1 Lower Caen and a nice first fish off the Thurso caught by Hugo Ross at 11lbs

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Thaw on the way!

Hopefully things will ease on the ice grip this week and rods will get on the water after a long spell of freeze out. The weather forecast is showing much warmer temps and rivers may be high initially but things will start moving. Hopefully anglers will have a little more room for manoeuvre too.

We still have our 3 + 1 deal on all salmon flies running to get your flyboxes refreshed a little.

Funilly enough anglers are buying all sorts especially spring flies bit these little beauties are moving too...our deadly summer RS Cascade Alistair invented by Ron a few years ago.

Please put code 3 + 1 in our comments section when ordering.

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Fresh springers are now being caught on the Dee and Tweed. Gavin Brown got his season off to a stunning start by netting 3 lovely fish on the fly from the Junction pool, the fly was tied using synthetic JC so I think that tells us that Natural JC versus Synthetic can be put to bed!

The Helmsdale is still quiet but angling pressure is very low. But, we are now running a spring 3 + 1 deal on our salmon flies. If you buy 3 you get 1 free unless your order is ober £100, then you qualify for our very special 2 + 1 deal. please put either 3 + 1 or 2 + 1 in the comments section when ordering to secure your superb fly deal.

3 of our best below - RS Blue Ass willie Gunn, RS Black & Yellow feeler & RS Willie Gunn Special.

Start your shopping for free flies right here -

Tight lines

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