Alan stone landed the first fish on the Helmsdale today, a fresh run 8 pounder from the big Rock pool on beat 6. Alan was fishing his trusty old wetcel 2 line and a 2.5" black & yellow gold bodied tube with jungle cock from the south bank. Alan wins the Bridge Hotel trophy, a bottle of Clynelish and a selection of Tackle shop spring flies. The water temp was 35 degrees with lots of snow still on the ground.

No 2 was landed on Saturday ( 27/2/10) from Salscraggie on beat 1 by William Jappy fishing Badanloch rods. A cracking fresh 9 pounder on a black & yellow conehead Monkey. William's brother Alisatair also lost one in John's pool on the same beat.

Once again Black & Yellow proves to be a killer spring fly combo, one of the most innovative versions ever created by Ron is our new tube range with "feelers" below mimiking the legendary Icelandic Frances fly. You can buy this superb new tube and the Monkey fly right here.

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Almost one month has passed since my last report - nothing has changed! The river Helmsdale is still deep in hibernation and now sitting at a bone chilling 34 degrees once again. From the last week in January we had a spell of reasonable conditions when the river was very fishable but with only kelts to show for it. There have been reports of 3 good fish lost and one or two spotted on their travels but as yet the Bridge Hotel trophy remains safely on the tackle shop counter for all to admire.

The river is very quiet for the time of year and this season has been no different from the last few years. Either there are no spring salmon around or their arrival is simply getting later just like the Helmsdale grilse run. Recently June has been a very good month for msw salmon and August has seen the main grilse run arrive in the first two weeks. All things being equal it would be fair to say that the early springers that the river was once renowned for are now arriving...

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