The view at the vice today (Boxing day) RS Willie Gunn Special in full production with Semperfli fly tying thread, simply the best....both of them.

As we approach the new salmon fishing season I look forward with optimism and trepidation. Will we have the luxury of a full fishing season right from the off or will restrictions plague the format yet again. I get the feeling it will be a slow start as regional lockdowns keep everything in check for obvious reasons, but, within those regions i think we will or at least should have the freedom to get out on the water to enjoy the fresh air in isolation on our favourite pools.

We get the message, we have all had the memo, we know how to stay safe and keep...

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Since the launch of our new Spring Alistair we have been swamped with orders for our pocket boxed sets for Christmas - many thanks indeed. There is still lots of time to purchase these little beauties along with all our other great sets of flies.

The Spring Alistair comes individually in 3 different sizes of 1/2, 3/4 & 1" BUT, we now also have a cool twist on this great new pattern. The RS SuperSquid series of flies have been best sellers so we have now included the Spring Alistair in this mega popular series. Check them out below....Alistair lovers will love these! and if you have not yet tried this deadly fly design yet, you should.

RS SuperSquid Spring Alistair conehead

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