The Helmsdale is now closed for business once again. The last two weeks provided good sport for some but generally things started to fizzle out as expected. There was however still fresh run salmon entering the system right up until closing. Local water bailiff Malcolm Bromley had 2 fresh grilse on the last Monday & Tuesday from the Association water and William Jappy had another fresh fish amongst 3 up to 15lbs from beat one below on the last day. Ghillie Donald Sutherland had a sporty late surge on Suisgill rods with 15 fish for the last 3 days on beats 5, 4 & 3.

Water temperatures are now dropping fast and rods fishing for hatchery brood-stock should have a fair chance of good returns as fish should be turning on the aggressive side for spawning.

Overall the season has been disappointing just like last year and it’s the same story in rivers all over the UK . There have been high points and low points and if you were lucky enough...

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