The Salmon fishing season and hunt for that highly prized spring salmon gets a little more serious tomorrow 1/2/21 when another 2 of the big 4 open for business, the Tweed and Dee. Let’s hope the fish bite harder than the frost and lots of local anglers get on the water.

Helmsdale Co will be running a buy 3 get 1 free on all salmon flies from today and we have some of our best flies back in stock for the start of the season. Grab some of the latest in right here before they sell out -

Please put 3 + 1 in our comments section when ordering.

Tight lines to all.

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Hi there
We hope you are safe and well. This is a copy of tha latest block email we have circulated....and a of pic below of a couple of our best spring flies which are now available again.

You may be pleased to know that we have many of our best selling flies in stock now and they will sell out quickly so if you want some you might want to be fast on the draw!

RS Micro SuperSnaelda
RS Black & yellow feeler tube
RS Solar Monkey tube in 3 sizes
RS Willie Gunn Special copper tube
RS Spring Frances conehead

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New RS Alistair JC

The river has been very quiet during opening week as there have been little or no anglers on the water. So, not much to report yet!

On the fly front, we have started to use some superb new synthetic junglecock on one or two of our flies. Check out the new Alistair design from Ron (below) which is tied on a bare gold double using the award winning Semperfli tying thread and synthetic JC from the same company. We really like the look of it. Real JC or not is a big question and one that has been bouncing around for years but as access to real JC is becoming more restricted the synthetic sub is becoming more and more prevalent. Opinions differ but generally I am feeling that the mood is swinging away from the very expensive real JC, but only just!

Real JC is indeed the real deal but are the salmon interested in the slightest? it is a subject that books could be written...

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Opening day washout

The river opened very quietly yesterday with no frills. Unfortunately high water levels shut out the fishing but overnight frost should get the things moving today. Obviously under all the current restrictions it will only be locals on the water. Some of the bigger pools should be in decent order for a cast. Classics like tail of Kilphedir, Upper Caen, Salscraggie and the Torrish pools may offer some sport and could produce that highly prized January springer. Watch this space!

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The new salmon fishing season is only a few days away for rivers in the North of Scotland but new restrictions will will curtail celebrations. However, government guidance does not stop the fishing itself, along with golf and some other outdoor activities life goes on as long as strict guidance is adhered to. This means that’s fishing is on, albeit in a local basis. So all eyes will be on the earliest rivers to open again, the Helmsdale, Thurso & Naver etc. Who would bet against an opening day springer from the far North.....

We have all the tried and tested spring flies you need. The Helmsdale company was created on the basis of pure passion for fishing alongside offering the highest quality salmon flies tied by the worlds best fly tiers and all centred around the insatiable tying flair and cutting edge ideas of hardened salmon angler Ron Sutherland. No fly tier has pushed the boundaries of salmon...

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