Still no fresh fish off. last free days fishing today - Sat 25th January

We have launched a Spring 3 + 1 on all of our world renowned salmon flies so grab a few when you have the chance. Simply place an order of more than £30 and you receive a free fly for every 3 you purchase.

The river has not produced a fresh fish yet and conditions are very good. With one more week of the free fishing to go there should be every chance of a lucky angler hooking up with the most prized fish of the season, a January springer.

I have fished the river since I was strong enough to launch a fly across the water and have caught many spring salmon. My earlest was ofcourse on opening day in the Little Rock pool on beat 6 in the days when fish could be retained. The set up was full sinking line, 25lbs maxima nylon and a 2" copper gold bodied Willie Gunn, classic spring tackle to present the fly deep as spring salmon are not very interested in moving far to take a fly, yes, they...

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The rods are out and the river has dropped to a great height, unfortunately the first 3 days have provided no action apart from kelts. Its just a matter of time and you can bet that Andy (Torrish) Sutherland will sniff out a springer befor long!

Don't forget to order your flies right here as we have everything you need to catch & return that priceless spring salmon. We also have a great new range of Gaelforce sinking tips which are now even stronger and come in new 30lbs sizes in 10 & 15ft and up to 8ips. These will get your fly right down to the fish in the cold spring water. Grab them here -

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Opening Day

Unfortunately the opening day was a washout. The river started rising very early in the morning and only settled in the afternoon at around 5ft. No fish were reported apart from a few kelts. Hopefully the weather will settle and give anglers a chance from Monday 13th.

Dont forget that the fishing is free and open to the public for the next 2 weeks.

Our best spring fly - the RS Mylar Willie Gunn tube, unbeatable but we only tie them special order.

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