This deal ends Midnight Monday 29th Nov

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Its simple, We are on our biggest fly giveaway of the season on Black Friday weekend - Spend over £30 and get a 3 + 1 on all flies or spend over £60 and a get a buy 2 get 1 free deal right here - Black Friday fly shopping

No codes, just buy what you want and we will add the free flies on what you have ordered depending on what you spend.

Start stocking up your fly boxes for next season or order some superb discounted Christmas fly selections.

Have fun!!

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Our new Spring Alistairs have been a huge success since launch earlier in the season so due to popular demand we have added 2 more versions. We now have a trio in gold conehead, silver conehead and a Solar Alistair with FL conehead - need we say more, all tied by Ron and available right here for neat Christmas prezzies -

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This deal is a stunner on one of Ron's most recent fly designs. These beautiful super bright golden flies have had a superb season and we are now offering you a very special deal on a set of 8 including one free. Tied on the award winning gold Patriot doubles this set must be snapped up for Christmas gifts.

You are getting 2 x 8s, 2 x 10s, 2 x 12s and 2 x 14s one of which is free, so 8 flies for the price of 7. You can have them bagged or boxed in one of our handy waterproof Fulling Mill pocket fly boxes. Don't miss out on this exclusive deal on amazing flies that you can only buy from the Helmsdale Company.

To buy now click here -

We also have some great new dyed wild boar bristles in stock for all your pot bellied...

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Spring SuperSet

We have one amazing new set of deadly spring salmon flies for you with every type of fly you will ever need. This spring "SuperSet" has a mix of copper and conehead RS tubes that are proven killers. They come in a very cool tubefly box with compartments also containing tube doubles and handy extra extension tubing which you can use to pimp the look of your fly.

The SuperSet comes in 3 price options to suit every budget, one dozen, 2 dozen and 3 dozen all with box/hooks and extensions. A stunning Christmas or birthday gift and you can grab a set right here in one click -

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Christmas and spring salmon fishing are just around the corner

These are Rons most deadly Willie Gunns for spring and autumn fishing. They simply glow in the water and salmon cannot resist them. This deal is not only unique in the salmon world but we are also giving you another piece of lethal innovation absolutely free, one of our new Rs Willie Gunn SuperKrill tubes. There are lots of great deals to come for Christmas so if you know a salmon angler who has everything then this is a fantastic gift only available from Helmsdale Company. Don't miss it as these will sell out....

Grab the deal right here -

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Latest news

Hi there,

The colours on the leaves are finally changing and autumn is fully kicking in. There are some very big fish still to be caught on many rivers so do not put the rod away just yet!

The Helmsdale had a reasonable end to the season once some water finally arrived, reports suggest that around 1000 fish were landed throughout the river. lets hope we all have a normal season next year with no interruptions and lots of fish...

One of our most deadly flies is back in stock along with many more to bend the rod before the season ends. Our RS Willie Gunn Grizzle Monkey is an absolute killer fished on sinking tips and full sinking lines so now is your chance to stock up on them again. Ron designed these flies recently and they have fished incredibly well in spring summer and autumn, not many flies can boast...

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The Helmsdale fished well last week after a little rise in the water combined with windy conditions. There were over 70 fish off so the season is ending on a decent note with the last few days next week set to fish well too as temps continue to drop.

But, many rivers are still open and we have a great exclusive fly deal for you on one of Rons most deadly salmon tubes, the explosive Rs Alistair TigerTail. This fly was invented by Ron and has become a houshold name killer due to its striking presence in the water. Salmon just hit it as a predator fly when you get it down close to them, especially in the autumn. We are giving you 7 for the price of 6 so don't hang around and grab a set. You cannot get them anywhere else in the 4 sizes we offer. 1 x 1", 2 x 3/4", 2 x 1/2" and 2 x 1/4" a very special deal on unique salmon flies from Helmsdale Co

You can buy them right here now -


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The rain is coming and we have a superb set of classic salmon tubes to take you into autumn in style. These are proven killers over the years so you will definately catch fish! The famous Junction shrimp is the star of the show here along with Gold bodied Willie Gunns and Allys shrimp. we are also giving away a deadly Black & orange loop bottle tube Monkey fly which also scores heavily lete in the season. as usual, grab them when you see them as these unique RS fly sets always sell out fast!

All come with tube doubles, click here to buy now -

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The fishing is not great anywhere at the moment due to the long dry spell especially in the North. The rivers are very low and we are all desperate for serious rain to get things going again.

So, on that note, Check out this stunning fly set we have on offer for when the rain does finally come....Rs SuperSquid Ruby red tubes are totally deadly in the autumn so don't miss out on this very special deal and get one of our RS Patriot Red Cascades thrown in for free.

Buy now right here because these are going to sell out FAST! -

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The fishing is struggling a little again especially in the North due to constant low water. There are lots of salmon around waiting for rain so keep your hooks sharp! In the meantime check out our latest deadly RS set of tubes below. Grab them asap to be sure of your supply.

These are the very best flies you will ever have for autumn. Tried and tested Red Frances with the best new RS designs on the block down to the incredible micro red Snaelda conehead. The special deal offers you 6 of the very best Frances style tubes with a free Red Zelda, one of the latest Icelandic sensations at the bottom of the picture. A mix of tungstens, copper tubes and coneheads perfect for getting down to the fish in all conditions and at a great price for the unique set.

You can buy them here right now, just click this link -

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