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Apologies for the lack of information recently, the Helmsdale Community web-site on which this report is hosted has been completely up-graded. As you will see the webmasters have done a magnificent and professional job and all on a voluntary basis - many thanks to Rick Curran and David Mason for their amazing work, and they are not done yet! The site will be under development for the next few months so please be patient as the changes will all be for the better.

The Association water sprung into action as expected during the third week of July. 30 salmon were taken with 15 reported on Tuesday 24th. This appears to have been the peak of the grilse run as the following week beginning 30th only recorded 15 fish.

As I report today on August 5th the fishing has noticeably slowed down. A constant supply of high water over the last month has resulted in fish flying through most of the lower beats and hardly showing themselves in the process however catches have been good on the upper river on occasion. Salmon have also been caught way out on some of the most remote lochs in the catchment area on Drum and Arachlinie.

We would now expect a better quality of salmon to show up over the next few weeks; traditionally early August brings a mix of fresh fish between 4 - 15lbs so the Association water is still well worth a cast. On the whole the quality of grilse so far has probably been slightly better than last season.

The lochs have reported some nice brown trout this Summer, excellent fish of 3, 4 & 5lbs have been taken from Badanloch and loch Coire na mang so good sport can be had in the hills as well as on the river.

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