Best week of the season so far.

Ronald Sutherland

High pressure and Easterly winds finally eased midweek, clouds rolled in and the fish came out to play! The river has been running at a steady 5" on the guage so fish have been running the river without obstruction in very encouraging numbers.

To cut a long story short there were over 40 fish off last week with Badanloch and Suisgill rods catching the lions share of around a dozen each. Floating lines combined with Alistairs, Ally's & TDs fished very well in a variety of sizes to prove there is no exact science in fly size when it comes to low water salmon fishing.

Today, as I report on Sunday May 8th, the river has risen for the first time in many weeks to approx 1ft. I predict superb fishing for the week ahead throughout the river as good numbers of fish have been seen flying through the Association water. Surprisingly the Association water only gave up 2 fish last week to the dedicated rod of local angler William Jappy. Fish were not hanging around even with the low water, maybe they know something we don't!

I've been designing many new flies this year to keep us ahead of the game (all of which are for sale right here of-course!) check out another two (below) which I think will work well this Summer. They are based on the super popular Helmsdale Alistair and the deadly Dee Crathie fly.

New Black Alistair red butt - tied with course black bucktail instead of the usual classic yellow/brown mix.

New RS Black Alistair red butt

New RS wee Crathie Monkey conehead. Body 0.5" wing 2.5"

New RS wee Crathie Monkey conehead

Inside track - Carron jetstream floating lines are flying out the door right now in 9/10 & 10/11. These great new twin colour lines turn over poly-tips with ease and are effortless to cast. If you want to really enjoy your casting, do yourself a favour and get a decent line!! many anglers will be out on the water this week with river levels up again and in perfect condition but they will struggle casting badly as usual with cheap nasty lines - don't get caught in this trap! Wink

Tight lines.

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