Fishing well but water needed

The Helmsdale has been fishing well recently with settled conditions and a steady run of fish. Smaller flies are working well and we have another 2 of the best right here for you from Ron.

There is a story behind the first one as Ron first trialled it on the beautiful West cost river Ewe and had one of his best spells on a river with 5 salmon in a matter of hours. Salmon hit this fly in every pool fished off a 6ft intermediate tip and from that day onwards we knew we had another very special fly here, The Kazcade conehead was born and Ron is offering it mainstream again and tying it himself for you.

RS Kazcade conehead, order now here - https://www.helmsdalecompany.com/rs-kazcade-conehead

Our other summer sensation is based on our super popular Baby TD philosophy of turning large favourites into tiny summer killers. The Monkey tube has a huge following based predominantly on spring and autumn fishing, well now all Monkey lovers have a stunning tiny summer option right here.

RS Mini summer Monkey with a little touch of Rons favourite UV in the wing., order now here - https://www.helmsdalecompany.com/rs-mini-summer-monkey-tube.

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