Things warming up

4 fish were reported from the Helmsdale last week so things seem to be waking up a little at long last. Andy Sutherland had his second from the tail of the Marrel Pool. There was a 17 pounder off Lower Torrish on beat 3 and beat 6 procided 2 on Saturday, one of which was 20lbs. A few big fish were lost and seen so it looks like a run has arrived.

Dont forget we still have 2 of our fave black & yellows on offer with a 3 + 1 on the feeler Black & yellow and our black & yellow mylar which you can grab from our homepage. Below are another 2 of our unique flies which fish great at home or abroad so if you are thinking of Iceland or Scandinavia then grab a few whilst they are still in stock but don't forget that they catch fish in the Uk too.

The RS Spring Frances tungsten conehead designed by Ron for spring fishing with black & yellow always a favourite early season colour combo. We all know how effective the Red Frances colour and profile has been for years so you just know this design works! We have it in 2 large sizes for deep spring fishing.

Buy here - http://www.helmsdalecompany.com/rs-spring-frances.html

The RS FireTiger SuperSnaelda silver conehead. Another deadly fly for many anglers. Ron based this design on the colours of the lethal Firetiger Rapalla spinning lure. It was a surefire winner from the day it rolled off the fly-tying vice and has done extremely well in the UK and Norway, we have it in 3 sizes.

Buy here - https://www.helmsdalecompany.com/rs-firetiger-supersnaelda-p2007.html

And not forgetting a pic of the lovely springer returned by Andy from the Tail of the Marrel pool beat 1 mint fresh from the sea which is only a mile downstream.

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