Andy does it again

Ronald Sutherland

The first fish came off the river yesterday and it was the usual suspect who did it again Andy (Torrish) Sutherland! A 10lbs sea liced torpedo. Conditions were very good with the river just over 1ft and running clear. I was invited up to fish beat one with him and duly delivered his new Loop Cross S1 15ft along with Gaelforce Spey line and some flies and tips, confidence was high as the weather had softned and there had been no overnight frost. Overhead temps were good also and it was almost flat calm with the sun out for the top of the day - it had to happen!

We had fished the classic spots of Lower Caen and Salscraggie and then started to fill in with the others so Andy headed to Johns pool, he was only 2 casts into it when the line tightened in the head of the pool and the rest is history...another first fish! I was not there but he managed to grab some quick pics before the fish was released which clearly show the fish was a superb springer.

The setup ( for...

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Our super popular spring 3 + 1 on flies is back on so its a good time to top up the flybox with our great flies. We have loads of "perfect tube fly boxes" Maxima Chameleon up to 20lbs and those critical sinking tips to get the flies right down in front of the fish.

Getting the fly out there is another thing and our Gaelforce lines & sinking tips will make that job easy. If your line is looking a little jaded then you know exactly what you need! Add a Loop Cross rod to the equation and you are set to enjoy your casting like never before...Andy & Ron both use these now, there is nothing better in our opinion.

On the fishing front, the Helmsdale is still blank but polar conditions have not helped. However, ice has melted and the river hit 5ft recently so it will be in respectable order now. Time to get on the big tubes as the fresh water will definitely encourage a springer or two into the system. We have all the flies and accessories you need...

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Out with the old in with the new gear!

Ronald Sutherland

Happy New year to you, many thanks for supporting Helmsdale Co and I hope you have a great season 2018
Just a note to let you know that due to the popularity of our range of Loop rods, reels Loop & Gaelforce lines I have to order in new stock again which will all be available from Baxters Country clothing shop soon.

Our flies are unbeatable and in all my years of fishing experience I have not used anything that comes close to the Loop rod & Gaelforce line combo. Team this up with a Loop Classic or Evotec reel and you have something very special indeed.

Helmsdale Co online was launched in 2007 into satisfy the huge demand for our flies. Accessories and tackle quickly followed but our unique position of having such a personal and frank relationship with our customers has been our strong point. When you call Helmsdale, you speak to me, founder and owner and get my no nonsense 40 years of experience to make sure you get what you need,...

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Opening day on the Helmsdale

Ronald Sutherland

Latest update - No fish off on day 2 (Friday). Saturday also blank. we should see the first springers of the season coming off the Tay tomorrow - Monday 15th. Good luck to all fishing the week ahead, you know where to get your flies, nylon, sinking tips, lines and, rods -

Check out some of our awesome new selections which you can buy below and the read the Opening day report.

Park Shrimp Pro selection. Click here to buy -

Black & yellows, inc Solar Monkey & SuperSnaelda etc. Click here to buy -

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Opening day tactics and flies

Ronald Sutherland

Grab the Pro selection right here and get set up perfectly for Opening day, January, Feb & March. Save pounds when you buy the lot. Its exactly what the best Spring anglers will be using. The Perfect Tubefly box, Maxima 18lbs nylon, Loop Doubles & a set of flies second to none for catching early running salmon and opening day fish. You can buy it all here right now if you want -

The Pro selection. If you want to change from 18lbs maxima to another strength let me know.

The Helmsdale river opens very soon again, Jan 11 is rolling up fast. Who is going to catch the first fish? Scroll down to see the flies and usual culprit...

But first check out one of our new range of lethal flies, This is...

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Stocking fillers/BLACK FRIDAY deals

Ronald Sutherland

Helmsdale Black Friday Blitz Deals are on for you, please click here to grab some bargains -
Offers only available until Monday night midnight 27th
Enjoy your shopping swiftly, when they are gone they are gone!


We also have some great stocking fillers for you to buy amongst loads of other fly selections. Below is one of our latest in a top quality waterproof and sturdy clearview Airflo box. The best spring killers of last season from our records and feedback and you can see in past reports the damage done by Ron on the Spey...

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In one of our best deals of the season especially for Christmas we are giving you £300 worth of tackle free of charge!

Loop Cross ST 6pc 15ft salmon rod - discount £100
Loop Evotec HD Black 9/13 LHW salmon reel - discount £100
Gaelforce Spey 10/11 54ft head salmon line
Gelspun 30lbs backing 100yds
£100 worth of our best salmon flies free.

This is a one off very special deal and in my opinion one of the best proven casting combos ever created. Perfect at home and it will pop in your destination suitcase also.

RRP on these is £1594.00

Christmas one off deal - £1294 discount £300

Hit the button and its yours, its that simple, treat yourself and join the very smart casting club for 2018!
Buy here right now -

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"Buy 2 get 1 free" on all flies (deal closed)

Ronald Sutherland

DEAL CLOSED - if you missed it you can call me on 01343870158

Its our biggest giveaway deal of the season " Buy 2 get 1 free" on all flies apart from selections. Simply put, for every 2 flies you buy we add another the same or similar for FREE.
Orders need to be over £30 to qualify for this deal. Classic flies and selections not included.

This year we are offering not only free flies but an option to buy into one of the best proven casing combo's you will ever need for catching salmon. Over the last 2 years we have been hammering springers using fishing tackle one can only describe as a dream combo recommended by and used by Ron all over Scotland. Everyone knows Helmsdale Co flies are the best on the market and now we are combining them with the best rods reels and lines in our experience for you to benefit and enjoy. Over many years Ron...

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We have 3 belting offers for you today with massive discounts on some of the best wading jackets on the market..... GRAB when you have the chance as we only have one of each to give away!

SOLD Loop Lainio jacket Grey (medium) - RRP £439 - GRAB price £299  Click here asap and the deal could be yours -
SOLD Loop Lainio jacket Blue (large) - RRP £439 - GRAB price £299 - Click here asap to buy...

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Big fish in hatchery programme

Ronald Sutherland

The Hatchery fishing programme is well under way now on the Helmsdale and some very big fish are being caught for stripping. No surprise in that considering the form of the past season. Borrobol estate alone has had 11 in the 20 - 24lbs range, 2 at 25lbs and had others of 27,28 & 30lbs. fish in the teens of pounds were also aplenty, check out another recent big fish pic below.

We have superb selection boxes available as we coast ever closer towards the Christmas period. Airflo Grippa Silicone water resistant boxes have been our best seller this season and we are now offering any fly selections of your choice in them, great gifts as a fishing thank you or simply a stunning selection of our flies for any part of the season. Just call us to make your selection, the price range is totally up to you. Here is one of our premium selections as an example -


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