Last week we emailed our huge customer database and sign ups to our fishing report to inform of our annual fly "bogof" deal. Your email may or may not have been received by you for any number of reasons as some bounce back to us and do not get delivered occasionally. To qualify you must put "bogof" in the comments section when ordering and purchase over £30 worth of flies excluding selections and brooches.
Simply put, our bogof means "buy one get one free" and that means lots of free flies! whatever you buy, we add another the same or similar. but don't waste time as this deal can clean us out of many of your favourite patterns.

You can start benefiting from our deal and receiving your free flies right here -

Believe it or not, Christmas is only around 9 weeks away as I write so this is a great time to grab some of...

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Its fly-tying season and we have some amazing very long Chinese goat in stock along with many other materials you need to create all sorts of deadly new salmon flies. This Goat hair is the closest material you will see to the fabled tapered monkey hair used in many of our favourite long winged flies. This is as good as it gets for Sunray Shadow, Collie and Monkey patterns - its over a foot long! and you can buy it here right now -

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The Helmsdale season has closed for another year and in the last week around 40 fish were accounted for in unsettled conditions. Spring was ok, the rest of the season nothing to write home about. Next season? well salmon have a habit of surprising us and keeping us on our toes so who knows what lies ahead. We do know one thing, unless the fly is in the water we will not know if they are there or not in any numbers so anglers will all be out as usual hoping for that magic rod bending moment.

On a more exciting note, I have added another superb new fly to the Helmsdale collection, RS Golden Willie Gunn Krill, check it out and buy it here -

RS Golden Willie Gunn Krill - buy 3 get 1 free in our special introductory offer.

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Ok so its time to stock up on deadly autumn flies if you still have fishing on the horizon which many of you will have. The Tweed will produce until end November along with many more destinations in the Uk. We have all the best Autumn killers right here....

The Helmsdale is on its last legs and the penultimate week still produced around 60 fish with pretty stale warm conditions. As per usual it is the anglers who can adapt best to stimulate fish which will catch most. Skating sunrays, deploying the hitch and also depth charging copper and tungsten Frances flies, these tactics will work for the next 2 months unless big water makes it all a little easier. As temps drop flies will increase in size and density, below are some pics of the best. You can grab them all and more on slte.....and from Twisted Thistle Fochabers.

RS Ally Monkey

RS Red/Gold...

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Latest - over 100 fish off last week w/c 5th August, best week of the season. Visitor Will Marshall hooked 4 in one day and landed the best of them at 10lbs sea-liced on the Association water...

After an unusually quiet week of around only 20 fish off the whole river 3rd week of July it has picked up but the fishing is far from record breaking. Recent forestry clearance has blackened the water and the fish are not impressed. On a more positive note there seem to be good numbers of fish in the river but they are just a little more difficult to catch. August could be a big month but the peak of the summer run may well be past. The Association water is still well worth a cast as usual as Adam Macdonald proved last week picking up 2 on Monday, there were around 10 off for the week.

We are now offering for the first time an opportunity to order your favourite flies in any size for delivery in 2020. We have some major killers out of stock right now and are in the process...

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Things are picking up at long last on the Helmsdale but there are no record numbers. The grilse run has arrived and last week produced around 60 plus one pink salmon on the beats. The Association water had 4 fish one day, it is picking away and well worth a day ticket at this time of the year.

Salmon are being caught in good numbers everywhere now and our huge range of flies are accounting for many of them. below are a couple of our most successful. From our new collection the RS Allys Supersquid has been a revelation. Based on the legendary Allys Shrimp Rons specialist tweaking has taken it to a whole new level and you should grab some for your summer and autumn box, they are simply deadly.

Another superb killer has been our Cascade Monkey silver tungsten conehead which we have in a range of sizes down to a stunning micro tube.

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Better numbers

The RS Cascade FireTail is the hottest fly out there right now. Ron has designed these with an explosion of solar light in the tail which also helps stop it wrapping around the hook and keep perfect fly profile. These are stunners for all conditions especially peaty water. Click above to buy.


The Helmsdale has been easing into summer mode with a fairly decent run of msw fish. The North has been lucky in that heavy rain has kept topping up rivers offering some great sport reported from the Borgie South. Seatrout and grilse are now arriving and if the weather settles all should be set for a great summer.

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Its all getting a little stale everywhere right now unless you have been lucky enough to catch some meaningful rain somewhere in the UK but our overseas orders are crashing in with high hopes of good seasons in Iceland, Russia and Scandinavia.

Check out our range of Hitch, Laerdal Sunrays, Frances and New Collection flies, there is more than enouugh there to kit you out for a superb weeks fishing. Green & Blue Ass Willie Gunn, superb SuperSquid tubes and much more

The Helmsdale has had the best spring in 10 years, great news in a troubled spell for returning salmon but an  injection of water is required once again to get the fishing going otherwise it will be lean pickings until the sea-trout and grilse start to arrive in June.

One of our best sellers below, the new Supersquid Cascade conehead (below). We have it in 4 sizes right down to an incredible micro must get some of these in your box for the summer. Click here to order them - Read more




There were around 35 fish off the Helmsdale last week, considering the low water it was a pretty good effort. The next spate will provide good fishing as there are encouraging numbers of fish being seen in the river.

If you are heading abroad soon, chaeck out our tube fly box below which is full of the biggest killers you need for early season. We have been kitting out trips abroad for 20 years and the feedback we receive is invaluable, we know exactly whats catching in Iceland, Scandinavia, Russia and South America and can kit your trip out no problem.

Here is an order (below) we have just made up for a party heading to Norway and Iceland (6 dozen), it is filling in gaps for them as they are already well equipped with our Frances flies.

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As the fishing has gone a little quiet with low water its time to let you know that we have our legendary Loop Cross S1 salmon rods on a mouthwatering deal right now....Arguably the best salmon rods ever constructed. I have been using them for the last few years along with a big following who all know the script on them. Effortless power and lightness from a 4 piece rod which flexes with you, its not a poker but it can launch anything you load it with and they are an absolute joy to cast with. But don't take my word for it, snap one up and see for yourself!

There is nothing wrong in slugging it out with bargain basement rods, they will get the line out. But, you will always be holding your casting ability back because the better you get at casting, the more your old rod will fail to produce the results you deserve. The Loop Cross does the opposite, Whether you are a Pro or a novice, Cross rods let you operate...

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