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Rain coming at last

The fishing has been a little stale recently everywhere but the Met office rain radar is giving some very heavy rain on Monday & Tuesday so hopefully that will get the fishing going again as we head towards the end of the season on many rivers.

Helmsdale Co are on holiday soon from Friday 22nd for 10 days abroad so if you need flies you better order them no later than Tuesday this week so that we can tie and process.

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Tight lines

The fishing lately has been a little dull everywhere in general but we as anglers are always looking ahead to the next fresh water and perfect fishing conditions. This week we really have something special to also look forward to in the design of our new RS Autumn optomist salmon fly

The Eternal Optimist fly one of those classic big hitting Tweed flies that everyone has heard of. A superb spring fly and summer in smaller sizes but there has been one thing missing for lovers of this great fly. Well here it is, and the great news is that it is already catching Tweed salmon and highly fancied by experienced Tweed ghillies and anglers who love the look of it and are excited by the prospect, it is creating a real buzz on the riverbank, and in the water?. And, we not only have them tied on copper tubes but a stunning low water version tied on Partridge Patriot red doubles in sizes 8 & 10.

These are exclusive to the Helmsdale Company and are tied by Ron himself so grab some of these exciting new RS flies and get them in the water for autumn if you are an Etermal Optomist fan.

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The rivers are finally getting a blast of fresh water again and fish are grabbing our flies all over the UK. Ron has also designed 2 stunning new Monkey flies for autumn fishing tied on the best hooks on the market, Loop doubles and Partridge Patriot red doubles. Check them out below and grab some if you still have fishing lined up, they are sure to hook up with some cracking flsh to round off your season.

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RS RedFire Monkey Loop double

RS Red Fire Patriot red double


As the fresh fish count starts to fall and salmon feel a little more settled in their chosen pools, our efforts to interest them in our fly become a little more challenging. However, as long as there are still fish around we have a chance of hooking up especially if you approach the situation tactically. Fish the glides, the fast water, don't bother with the middle of big slow pools where fish jump endlessly unless there is a wave on the water where you can strip the fly. Fish from all angles and present the fly at all depths. Skate big and square with Sunray Shadow tubes at times, depth charge with red Frances tubes occasionally, try the exciting hitch, go light with micro flies, swing a deadly conehead mid depth, keep mixing it up and you will have success.

The Helmsdale has struggled the last 2 weeks with difficult conditions but there are plenty fish around, will next week be any better? Keep the above tips in mind and lets hope the rain continues.

On to our new RS Cascade Alistair Red which you can see and now buy below. This stunner of a fly comes off the back of our super popular Red Alistair range of tubes and Cascade Alistair Jc tubes. Red Alistairs really start to take command of the season when autumn begins to slide in and salmon change colour. Red definitely means danger to salmon and the later the season gets, the more they attack it, So, with all this in mind, Ron has once again produced a mouthwatering new fly which ticks all the boxes and will catch a rediculous amount of autumn salmon.

Buy it as soon as you see it as this one is another very special limited edition fly tied by Ron,

Click right here and see if you are lucky enough to get some -

Partnering with

The fishing toned down a little last week on some rivers as conditions settled but on others it was superb. Still in the peak of the season there were some great catches across the country, too many to report but lets just say that our flies are giving a lot of anglers a lot of fun!

The quality of some fish is also exceptional like one of multiple fish caught by Robert Orr below on the Helmsdale Association water, a stunning shape and there was no shortage of feeding in the sea where this little pig was swimming...

The grilse have definately arrived in numbers and this was made very evident by Alan Crook whilst fishing the Fochabers water of the Spey catching numerous fish every day he was on the water last week. The fly? well lets just say it needs to be replaced as there is very little left of it, pic below while it was still in one piece. You should definately try some and you can order them online from us right here -

Andrew Phillips (below) has also had a great spell on the Spey recently catching some super fish in numbers too and all on a 10ft trout rod, salmon, grilse, seatrout and brownies and on the same trusty fly, one of our Stoats tails. Great to hear of such good fishing and lets hope it continues.

Allys Pearly Shrimp

Andrew with one of many he has recently caught and released at Rothes.

It is peak season and due to all the rain recently and the timing of it, the salmon are entering our rivers in good numbers. It has been a long wait so now it is time to enjoy.

The Helmsdale has come off a great week with superb sport along the whole length of the river, a great time to grab a cast on the productive Association water. Unusually there have been more salmon than usual but still a decent showing of grilse.

Whatever river you are fishing or going to be fishing, we have a phenominal conehead tubefly deal for you which you can buy bagged, boxed with or without hooks or not, the choice is yours but the deal is superb so grab it as soon as you see it as the coneheads on offer are deadly.

Spectacular Summer Conehead deal - Click to buy now right here -

Boxed in our pocket size Perfect Tubefly box

Rivers have been up and down and all over the place in the last week with thunderstorms hammering down and giving flash floods. It is great to have water at last but now things need to settle coming to the best weeks of the season.

When the water is up there is nothing better than conehead tubes to get amongst the fish and we have a special 2 + 1 deal on our 2 most popular. RS Cascade SuperSquid and Rs Gold tungsten conehead Cascade. 2 perfect summer flies which salmon love to hit subsurface.

Click on the 2 links below and grab your deals on 2 deadly flies, you buy 2 and we simply give you another one free. But, don't forget to look at our other great flies, tight lines.