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Ronald Sutherland

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2 huge fish caught.

Ronald Sutherland

It was another tough week on the Helmsdale last week as low water persists. Hitch flies and tiny Frances flies scored as well as anything but generally the good stock of fish in the river were hard to please. However, there are lots of big fish around and this was proved in abundance by a trip to the new stream on beat 3 by the Achentoul rods who caught two fish which combined to tip the scales at over 50lbs. 2 huge fish of 25 and 28lbs were caught and more spotted rolling around, (pics and more details to follow). Tiny coneheads were doing the trick and there are none better than the micro Frances pictured below, I have added a size 14 silver stoat double to give scale to the tiny tubes. These will score anywhere right now as all the rivers are low and we have lots of them available. Let them drift deep, retrieve at various speeds and stand by for action!

The magnificent 28 pounder caught by John Roe, probably over 30lbs when it entered the river in the spring.

25 pounder caught in the same pool same day by Mehmet Arkin

The Association water has all but died a death unless we get a spate, there are fish around but we need fresh water to jazz things up again before the season ends next week.

The Helmsdale season may be coming to an end but there is another 2 months worth of fishing on the Tweed and many other rivers so don't put the rods away quite yet, there are still lots of salmon to catch and we have all the flies and gear to make sure you do! Tungsten tubes are deadly for instance as soon as the water cools down. Coneheads and copper tubes also catch many fish. Check out all our killers on-line. We are now taking custom fly orders for next season as I will be tying some flies over the next few months. Email me or call if you need any specials and i'll add you the ever increasing list!



Good fishing continues.

Ronald Sutherland


The catch almost halved last week from the week before due to the river dropping back to around summer levels and a nagging upstream wind. A sprinkling of fresh fish were caught again and two sparklers came from the Association water, a grilse from Mick Buttery and a nice 7 pounde sealicer for William Jappy. There is still good availability on this fine fly water. The weather looks to be getting very unsettled in the week ahead so hopefully we will get another lift in the water at some stage.

Don't forget - we are still running a BOGOF on the list of flies below only...there has been excellent take up on this offer so far as the flies are perfect for fishing in the autumn, and the coming spring even.

Good news for the River opening 2016 as Simms Europe are sponsoring the event and are donating one of their latest Gore-tex jackets for the captor of the first fish. This is no ordinary jacket and one of the first of its kind, sure to be a hit with anyone who enjoys their spring fishing. A Gore-tex wading jacket with a Primaloft lining. Primaloft is the top synthetic microfiber thermal insulation on the market, extremely lightweight and warm, a superb jacket for spring fishing and we will have stock of them very soon, if you would like to pre order one of these or anything else from Simms or Loop tackle please contact us. Check out this awesome jacket right here, available in 2 colours, black & concrete. UK RRP £399 -


Not too many highlights to report recently other than the fishing is quite steady and still good numbers of fish are getting caught. Last week recorded around 85 fish off after a good lift in the water. Martin Clark had his first fly caught fish from the Flat pool on the Association water but fresh fish are few and far between although not many rods are on so with the late run I think there are still some nice fresh runners to be caught. We always catch some heavier fish in September so its still well worth a run through this beat, there is good availability so you won't be too hemmed in by other anglers.

We have a very special end of season offer, buy one get one free "bogof" on the selected flies listed below. Also if you are looking to replace your Simms wading jacket or grab a very special deal on a Loop Cross S1 15 foot and Mackenzie G2 15ft rod you should call us on 01431821372 for some very hot deals. We are offering a free selection of our awesome Solar Monkey tubes with these items. Call us ASAP before they are snapped up!

Another superb fly has just rolled off the vice here and we are taking orders on it now for fishing through the autumn, the new RS Red Alistair SuperSquid. This amazing fly is sure to hammer back end fish when you get it down in front of them as the water cools down! Expect delivery in October as our shop is very busy right now and custom fly-tying time is impossible before our season ends on September 30th.

RS Red Alistair SuperSquid.

Check out our list of bogof flies below and just simply order online by clicking the links

RS Ally Dog 3/4" conehead gold -
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Inverness Black Shrimp PBP copper tube -
RS Feeler tube Black & Red copper tube -
RS Posh Monkey Hot Orange -
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RS Willie Gunn Special Tungsten tube 1" -
Black Boar orange copper tube 1" -
Allys Shrimp aluminium tube 1.5" -
RS Halleys Comet TigerTail -
Junction Shrimp Aluminium tube 1.5" & 2" -
Dee Tungsten Monkey Green 1"body , 6" wing -
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