Latest - over 100 fish off last week w/c 5th August, best week of the season. Visitor Will Marshall hooked 4 in one day and landed the best of them at 10lbs sea-liced on the Association water...

After an unusually quiet week of around only 20 fish off the whole river 3rd week of July it has picked up but the fishing is far from record breaking. Recent forestry clearance has blackened the water and the fish are not impressed. On a more positive note there seem to be good numbers of fish in the river but they are just a little more difficult to catch. August could be a big month but the peak of the summer run may well be past. The Association water is still well worth a cast as usual as Adam Macdonald proved last week picking up 2 on Monday, there were around 10 off for the week.

We are now offering for the first time an opportunity to order your favourite flies in any size for delivery in 2020. We have some major killers out of stock right now and are in the process of retying them all. Please contact us and order your absolute "Go To" flies in multiples of 6 per size and we will get you on our list. Please contact asap if you can to secure your deadly stock, an example of a huge quick seller was our micro SuperSnaelda range....and Naked Kinermony Patriot doubles in smaller sizes.

The rivers are up again as we speak so its a great chance to catch some salmon wherever you fish in the UK, our Naked Alistair coneheads would be a very highly recommended tubefly in the peaty water for starters but we have so many more. You can buy them here -