The water is up after long awaited rain and rivers are reporting some fine sport again. The Helmsdale Association water is producing the goods as always and another young gun has landed her first fish, at only 11yrs old Isla Macdonald winkled out a lovely grilse and dad Adam teamed up to make it a memorable double by landing a fine 9 pounder in Roaries pool. Prospects are good and it looks like there are good numbers of fish around.

Isla proudly displays her first salmon.

Adam returns his 9 pounder in the dusk

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The Helmsdale Association water fished pretty well as it always does in low water summer conditions giving over 20 fish for the week.

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The fishing is not exactly explosive right now as many rivers are running low so fishing early and late is paying off for anglers who are prepared to get out of bed early and fish into the dusk. Stocks seem quite healthy but there are cases of disease cropping up here and there due to the low and warm water. Rain would be good but the forecast is not indicating this anytime soon unfortunately. The Helmsdale Association water is a good bet right now as are many lower beats on UK rivers while fish creep in and settle in the lower reaches.

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The Helmsdale struggled a little last week, low water, sun and high temps are not great ingredients for salmon fishing. The beats only just got into double figures in total for the week, the association water usually does better in low water and the early morning anglers managed to take advantage landing around 8 fish for the one mile beat. Good numbers of seatrout are also being caught, this is prime time...

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