Back soon ( updated )

Ronald Sutherland

I'll update midweek as I am in London right now. As far as I know the river produced around only 15 fish last week. We still await a summer spate to guage what's truly in the bay but I have a feeling we are not exactly going to be swamped by fresh runners.

Update - The summer run of 2014 will go down as a "non event" unless water and fish arrive very soon, fishing has been tough to say the least. It's a good job we anglers are a resilient mob, I seem to remember a popular quote "there's always next year!", well, here we are and its worse than ever! August will be another challenge, stealth and patience will be the order of the day and tackle should be scaled down accordingly to maximise your chances. Rain is forecast again for the weekend, lets hope this time we get it and rivers rise.

On a brighter note I was out on the Association water Monday on instruction mode, Siobhan Riley Bettyhill, trying a salmon double hander for the first time got amongst the fish with consummate ease whilst all the pro's blanked, I am not going to blow my own trumpet here, but the instruction obviously worked and she took full advantage by landing her first fish from Roaries pool. I have to say at this point that she was casting beautifully and the RS Baby TD on the business end scored again, a very deserved and satisfactory fish at her first attempt. The 5 pounder was promptly released to fight another day as Siobhan felt it would be a total injustice to kill it after its long journey back to the river.

Siobhan bent into her first fish

Showing off her sparkling first fish.

Safely returned

The deadly RS Baby TD

We have another deadly addittion to our massive selection of flies and this one is one of our best new designs to date, RS Mylar SuperSnaelada, and you can buy it right here -



Worst July on record

Ronald Sutherland

The fishing is not improving here unfortunately. We have decent compensation water flowing so fish can freely enter the sysem but we all know it switches fish off the take due to its warmth and stale composition. Maybe the main run is late, it has happened before and August had the best of the summer run, time will tell, I am not optimistic...

The Association water produced around 6 with Loop Tackle CEO Gordon Sim landing a brace early in the week on the legendary Megan tube but the fishing was tough going. The beats reported around 20 or so.

Hopefully there is better news to report next week. There certainly is on the fly fromt - I have 2 red hot new flies to share, one for seatrout and and a stunning International salmon tube. For the latest news on other fronts, sign in to the Helmsdale river Forum with email and password.

See you next week for a decent report - this week I am not inspired....



Non event, can only get better!

Ronald Sutherland

We are holding a "Buy one get one free" on all flies From today and including Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 13, 14, 15 & 16th this week so get your boxes out and see what you need. This offer is only available to Fishing report subscribers here or at the tackle shop for the same period. Please put "BOGOF" in the comments section when ordering so we know who you are and you will receive your offer.

Meanwhile the river is fishing as poor as I can ever remember for the second week July. I have heard of only 13 fish of the beats and 4 off the Association water last week. Alistair Jappy, Peter Macmillan and yours truly all on the score sheet. Prospects for next week? your guess is as good as mine!

Suffice it to say that it is a good job our business is truly international and that there are excellent numbers of salmon reported in Iceland, Russia and the fast growing salmon destination of Sweden. We are more and more equipping destination anglers as UK stocks of wild salmon seem to be in meltdown. Many anglers are seriously questioning why they are paying the "big bucks" required on many Scottish rivers when they can quite easily travel to a load other destinations outside the UK for more fish and at less cost. Our international fly range like Frances flies, Temple Dogs, Sunray shadow, Green Highlander and our most popular Feeler, Skullhead & Tiger Flies are becoming best sellers abroad. Loop Equipment is also becoming more sought after especially the premium range of Cross S1 rods and GDC lines.

It was no surprise to me when I received yet another super destination pic involving one of our clients Mark Tellwright. Mark was very please to let me know that he had been involved in a "double hook up" with one of his angling mates Nigel Hawkins on the Russian Yokanga and the common denominator was our Feeler Willie Gunn tube 1/2". We get countless fabulous international pics but this is one from the special occasions file. Pic and fly below uploading...

Willie Gunn Feeler tube, buy here now -

We also had two of out keenest young anglers in the tackle shop at the weekend on another fly tying lesson, great prospects and waiting for a hookup with their first salmon. Jordan Marshall and Ewan Gordon, this week it was sea-trout flies and some wee beauties were knocked up.



Another tough week

Ronald Sutherland

After a good start to the week on the Association water with 6 off over Monday & Tuesday it looked very much like the summer run was kicking in. The highlight was Alistair Jappy landing 2 fish at 4 & 10lbs early in the morning which he followed up with another at 6lbs from the afternoon tide, a superb days salmon fishing on any Association water. The rest of the week was pretty quiet and a run did not really materialise. Only around 30 fish were recorded throughout the system. The tide lined up to suit nighttime seatrout fishing locally once again and a few nice fish were caught, including a 4 pounder from the Wood pool beat 1 above, there are lot's of finnock around also which is encouraging.

Baby Tds, Silver stoats and Alistair coneheads work well in the low clear water and these flies will make their mark all summer providing there are fish around. View them all here -

The most successful summer anglers however are those who can adapt best to all conditions and situations. Typically you should have the following flies lined up to deploy. Sunray shadow 9 - 12cm ( skating ) Alistair/Stoats tail tubes 025 - 0.5" ( conventional ) Alistair, silver stoat ( hitch tube ) Cascade, Ally's, Hairy Mary (droppers) Red Frances (doubles & tubes) RS SuperSnaelda  (deep impact presentation)

Alistair hitch tube - you can buy it here now -


What this selection enables you to do is engage with salmon on many levels rather than just fish through a pool with a Cascade and simply move on to the next one. If there are fish around be prepared to (mix it up). Get the Sunray Shadow skating over the water at right angles to the fish and look out for some explosive takes. Drop the SuperSnaelda deep and close to fish and prepare for a hit and run, similarly fish a Frances tube deep with the rod tip up and swing it through all the pots and runs. Dibble the broken water at the heads of pools in classic summer style or hitch all areas and watch as fish rollover your fly right on the surface. The key is to be flexible, make sure you have a braided loop on the end of your line for quick tactical changes. Have intermediate and sinking tips to hand and do yourself a favour and get a decent salmon line if you don't already have one. Fly presentation is important and casting should be fun. If you think your casting could be better please feel free give me a call and I'll talk you through the best line option for your rod, there is a perfect line out there for everyone and believe me when I say that a good slick balanced line can transform your whole fishing experience, call me on 01431821372 -