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The peak of the season is almost upon us as grilse and seatrout begin to make their way into rivers across the country. We have all the tactics and flies you need to catch them and the bargain selection below would be a great place to start.

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It looks like rain is coming and coneheads are the deadliest flies you can use when the water is up.

Most rivers in the North are still struggling with record low water so hopefully there are lots of salmon mulling around the cooler costal waters waiting to get upstream as soon as fresh water arrives. Some seatrout are showing up also especially on tidal areas of rivers where they are now being caught at night.

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Tight lines for the summer.


The Helmsdale like all other rivers is struggling right now with low warm water so rain is required very soon. There is not much more to say on the subject apart from some tactical advice which is to maximise your chances you need to fish very early and late when the sun is down. Fish with tiny coneheads, hitches, plastic tubes and Sunray shadow tubes on light tackle. Hopefully the rain will come soon as there are certainly fish around waiting for it.

We are very excited to show off a stunning new Baby Blue TD from Ron which is sure to set the salmon fishing world on fire! Since adding our new Stealth Willie Gunn Blue coneheads to our collection business has gone balistic so Ron thought it was time to add even more fuel to the mix by creating a deadly Baby Temple Dog version for summer.

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