Ron designed these tiny crackers on the back of the huge success of large Temple Dog tubes. The Temple Dog salmon tube was pioneered in Scandanavia and was hugely successful but mostly used in big water, Ron decided that he needed a similar fly for low water summer fishing in the Uk based on popular Uk flies so the Rs Baby Temple Dog was born and it quickly turned into a big favourite for summer fly fishing.

Ron had his best summer season ever fishing these little beauties all over Scotland but word soon got out and now anglers are fishing them everywhere.

This very special deal offers you the full set of 8 for the price of only 6. A superb deal to set you up for the summer season. You can buy the set with or without hooks but you can also of course grab your favourite colour combinations individually from our plastic tube category. These come highly recommended and are deadly all summer.

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Hi there, the fishing has not improved much but the weather is changing and we are all looking forward to the grilse run building by the week, so, here we have a superb (Buy one get one free) on 3 of our best summer Monkey Patriot doubles. Salmon love chasing these and hitting them from the front so give them a try if you want some explosive action! Cast square and keep up the speed on your fly for best results.

Simply order one and you get one free. order as many as you want and we double up with free Monkey flies. Tight lines and enjoy your free flies.

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The Helmsdale is simmering right now. there are a few diseased fish around and some drilse entering the river but the fishing is generally not great, many would say "par for the course" in early June. Ghillie Alex Fraser guided his Badanloch team to top rods last week with a hard fought 6 fish for the week. Thankfully the weather has changed and high pressure has moved away giving much better fishing conditions ahead. The fishing should pick up on a weekly basis now and the sea-trout are also gathering pace.

As usual we have all the best flies you need to catch salmon, trout and sea-trout on rivers across the whole Northern hemisphere let alone the Helmsdale so have a good look around our website and grab some of our great flies and superb tactical selections, the latest of which is featired below.

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The salmon fishing is struggling right now in the sunshine so you need to get on the water early & late to maximise your chances of a hookup. Some nice fish are still being caught all over the uk, some locations have been blessed with rain and for many anglers it is fast approaching the peak of the season.

Luckily enough, we have superb tactical fly selections and a huge range of all the best Summer patterns from micro Park Shrimp and Micro SuperSnaelda to hitch and Sunray tubes and hundreds more. Have a real good look round our website and you will find what you need to lure salmon & sea-trout on any river.

Talking of sea-trout, June is the month when most of these powerful fish start to run most rivers and if you want to catch them, there is no better and more exciting time to do this than in the hours of darkness. They can indeed be caught in daylight but the cream of fishing for these spool emptying rockets begins with small flies as the light and colour fades. Don't spook them by wading in too deep too early, take baby steps until it gets properly dark and upsize your fly size as the night goes on.

This night-time sport can be amazing when the salmon fishing is dour in mid summer so give it a try if you get the chance, you will not be disappointed if there are sea-trout around, you will certainly know when you hook one!

Seatrout flies? well, the pic below shows two of my most successful patterns which I always fish together. The Silver Stoats Tail double goes on the tail of a dropper cast with the Teal Blue & Silver on the dropper. In the dusk I start with size 16s and work through the sizes until I am onto the biggest size 10s. If the seatrout seem to go off and action dips I will go much bigger fishing longshank singles 8s & 6s or fairly large tube flies deep or on the surface where both tactics can still induce some heart stopping action.

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