It is no secret, we now definitely need rain to get the fishing back on track. There are fish around but they are getting a little laid back when it comes to hitting salmon flies at the moment due to the bright dry conditions unless you are prepared to get up very early and fish the late shift.

Since there are not great catches to report, we are going to direct you to our "testimonials page" this week where we have lots of great feedback on our flies from anglers who have fished far and wide with them. These are true stories based on memorable catches and anglers who want to share their success with us. This is great motivation for Helmsdale Co and it is what makes us tick and keep pushing the boundaries of fly tying so we can keep offering you an awesome variety of stunning patterns that just keep catching. Read out testimonials here -

One of the favourites has been our Cascade Alistair which you can see below in the most popular versions. it has to be without doubt our most successful fly locally, nationally and internationally, not many salmon flies have that appeal or power.

RS Cascade Alistair JC plastic tube - 1/2" 0r 1/4" buy here -

RS UV Cascade Alistair conehead, also available on copper tubes, many sizes ( this is our long standing original version ) buy here -

RS UV Cascade Alistair JC conehead, buy here -

RS UV Cascade Alistair JC Copper tube -

The Helmsdale has been fishing well recently with settled conditions and a steady run of fish. Smaller flies are working well and we have another 2 of the best right here for you from Ron.

There is a story behind the first one as Ron first trialled it on the beautiful West cost river Ewe and had one of his best spells on a river with 5 salmon in a matter of hours. Salmon hit this fly in every pool fished off a 6ft intermediate tip and from that day onwards we knew we had another very special fly here, The Kazcade conehead was born and Ron is offering it mainstream again and tying it himself for you.

RS Kazcade conehead, order now here -

Our other summer sensation is based on our super popular Baby TD philosophy of turning large favourites into tiny summer killers. The Monkey tube has a huge following based predominantly on spring and autumn fishing, well now all Monkey lovers have a stunning tiny summer option right here.

RS Mini summer Monkey with a little touch of Rons favourite UV in the wing., order now here -

The fishing struggled a little last week due to bright and calm conditions which were much better suited to golfing. There were certainly fish caught and encouraging numbers of fish seen around the North in general but a change in weather conditions is required once again to top up rivers and get salmon properly on the move.

One thing is for sure, our latest new RS Baby TD is certain to make a splash. Ron has yet again elevated a best seller to give this particular Baby TD an even better look and edge particularly for fishing first light and into the dusk with its deadly UV element. Check it out below and grab some when the tying list is still short because this gorgeous little tube is going to fly and orders will backing up for it very soon.

Also take a look below at all the sizes now available in our great new UV Collie Sunrays which are selling like hot cakes for £1.50 each.

Buy your Baby TDs now right here -

RS UV Collie Sunrays - 10mm, 6mm, 4mm and Micro so you are covered all summer with these explosive tubes in 4 great sizes. salmon and sea-trout will be mad for these all day and into the night. Buy them here -