The Helmsdale has had another decent week in unsettled conditions with rods scoring well throughout the system. Most rivers are now fishing well and with another rise in water levels the coming week should see some of the best fishing of the season so far so get your rod out and fly in the water!

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The Helmsdale fishing is still picking away with around 30+ off the river this week but it is not exactly on fire. Beat 6 is providing the best of it with fish pausing below the Kildonan falls.

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The stunning Rs Cascade Alistairs in one of our latest orders...

Size 1 /2"

Size 1/4"

The river is not quite on fire yet but lets just say it is simmering. Water levels are still low so fishing conditions are not at their best, a good spate is required. However, around 18 fish were caught including a couple off the association water but rods had to work hard to be rewarded. Adam Macdonald netted 2 for his efforts on Badanloch rods, one from the Vale of Tears beat 6 and beat 5 Jetty Streams and his other rod produced a first fish for Adam Wiltshire on beat 1 below. The word is that there are not many fish around at the moment, the next good rise in the water should kick things off nicely.

Adam Macdonald with a spanking fresh fish from beat 6

Adam Wiltshire with his sparkling first fish from Clays hole beat 1

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