Helmsdale plugging away

Ronald Sutherland

The Helmsdale keeps plugging away with another 45 fish reported last week. Hopes were high at the start of the week as a double dose of fresh water arrived but it was soon to disappear. The river crept up by only a few inches and by midweek it was almost back to normal, tropical weather hit with temps almost hitting 30 degreees and sport fell away. Ian Muir had a decent week with 12 for his party, 10 of which he caught himself, the best at 19lbs (below) from the Short pool beat 5. A couple of grilse have been spotted and the sea-trout should be arriving very soon.

Surprisingly enough the Association water did not produce many, Alistair Jappy added another couple to his tally using Baby Tds and Jim Forsyth also had one. The bulk of a strong spring/early summer run is in the system now and its a waiting game for the grilse and sea-trout to kick in and join them for the next phase of the season.

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Dream Summer Combo's (latest report)

Ronald Sutherland

21/5/17 The last week saw around 35 fish off the river, Conditions were not great with sunshine and loew water the main feature but the river has risen over the weekend. Heavy rain on Saturday fed the catchement sufficient enough to add just around 4ins which will freshen things up a little, the week ahead should be better.

The Association water would have expected to fish better but only 3 fish were caught and all to the rod of Alistair Jappy on Saturday.

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14/5/17 The river produced around 45 fish last week despite the low water, rain may change everything in the week ahead. Very encouraging numbers of fish seen have been reported from all areas of the river.

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Get kitted for abroad

Ronald Sutherland

The Northern hemisphere is defrosting abroad...the salmon are gathering and it will soon be time for many anglers to jump on a plane for the destination fishing trip of a lifetime.

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Best Helmsdale week.

Ronald Sutherland

latest update is a great week for the Association water with around a dozen off last week. William & Alistair Jappy are never far away from the action and had 2 & 3 fish respectively and Jim Forsyth also had a good week picking up 3. The low water is helping the Association water and the usual favourites are all catching, Coneheads, Baby Tds and Alistairs. Further afield our flies are still catching on the Spey, Johnny Gray and his team managed at least a dozen from the Bray & Rothes beats in very tough brigh conditions on Monkeys and Cascades.

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The Helmsdale had it's best week last week with around 60 fish off including 7 from the Association water. A rise in the water really kick started things and could be the start of a big month if history is anything to go by. Prepare for some serious MSW fish to arrive in the system! Grab an Association water ticket if you can at only £25 per rod per day it's superb value for money. Fish coneheads, Sunrays, Alistairs and monkey tubes for lethal results, call me for all those patterns, hooks, Maxima nylon and anything else you may need.

Personally I have scored on the River Spey again at Wester Elchies, loosing a few and catching my fair share on the Solar Monkey yet again, I don't think I've fished a better fly in medium to high water anywhere! The website is going mad with online orders and we are selling Loop rods and Gaelforce lines like never before. Anglers are finally realising that there is more to fishing than just turning up and chucking a fly out on a dull old lifeless rod with a cracked line way past it's sell by date! That's not much fun I'm afraid, especially if you have paid for decent fishing and accom. Why waste the experience? Celebrate it! How do you catch a salmon? Yes, you need luck for one but systematically you need to cover as much water as possible as effectively and effortlessly as possible to maximise your chances and to enjoy the day. It ain't going to happen too often using inferior kit! I've seen far too many anglers struggle to get a line out using un balanced combo's with dirty dead lines and old rods with blanks that collapse as soon as they are asked to load and shoot line.

Ron with another solid Spey fish from Wester Elchies

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Tight lines.

RS Global Solar SuperSnaelda, a superb new addition to our International range.

RS Solar Monkey which has fished great on the Spey this season and elsewhere too.

RS International Tungsten Pig - the quality of these is stunning on 0.25" tungsten tubes

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RS Laerdal Sunray shadow Scandi Yellow, big and bad! and gets those huge salmon to attack on the surface!