The fishing is still not great anywhere right now, sunny and dry weather partly to blame I guess and the Helmsdale only managed around a dozen fish off including the Association water. It looks like a better fishing week ahead so hopefully a few more fish turn up.

On a more exciting note we have launched a stunning new Monkey tube tied stealth style which has proved to be hugely popular on our Cascade and Willie Gunn tubes, These little beauties are tied on 1/2" tubes with 2 options of black or orange extension tubing and with or without tube doubles. Serious tubes for the large atlantic salmon which will be entering our rivers through May/June. You definately need some in your flybox!

RS Stealth Monkey in both options

Water levels were all over the place last week but the Association water has been giving a few nice fish. Adam Macdonald had a lovely well worked fish in the Sewerage pool wich was finally grassed after rising to 3 different flies. Alistair Jappy also got in on the act with another cracking springer from the tail of the Flat pool on Helmsdale's best kept secret fly, the Alistair Squirrel tail conehead. There have been a few more off and the upper beats have also been working away.

Perfect timing for one of out deadliest and most handy discounted fly sets perfect for May/June full of RS Specials which will cover different water heights to maximise your chances of catching salmon on any river.

Read all about it and buy now here by clicking the link before we sell out of them -

RS May/June Deadly Dozen



Picking away

The Helmsdale had around a dozen fish off last week so nothing really to get too excited about. Nothing has been caught on the upper beats yet either which is surprising, there is just no great bulk of fish around anywhere really.

We still have our spring 3 + 1 deal running so its still a good time to stock up on your killer flies.

As you may have seen on our home page we have added a few more new flies and one has been a bit of a secret killer for years, the Alistair squirrel tail pictured below. We now have them for sale in many options for you to try too in coneheads or tubes. You can buy them from our homepage.