Steady as she goes

Ronald Sutherland

Nothing outstanding to report this week other than the fishing has been fairly steady with approx another 20 off the river. No word of any over the falls yet but things have only started to warm up slightly. No rivers are really flying yet but I think its about to happen! The forecast is unsettled for the week ahead, good fishing conditions as long as the rivers remain steady in height.

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RS Scandi Flamethrower



Heating up at long last!

Ronald Sutherland

The water is still cold at around 4/5 degrees but catches are hotting up at long last and around 20 fish were reported including one or two off the Association water. All the usual suspects are catching, Alistairs, Coneheads, Willie Gunn and monkey tubes, if you want a lethal selection drop me an email or simply order on-line from your phone, tablet or pc, its so easy now...We also have a great selection of flies and tackle in Baxters Fochabers so drop in and grab some superb proven killers! and see our New Collection flies.

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Not a week to write home about on the Helmsdale but it was still the best week of the season so far. Around 15 were accounted for including another cracking 15 pounder for Jim Forsyth in Croy pool of the Association water.

Borrobol had 4 fish up to 16lbs from Saluscraggie beat 1, Pilkingtons point beat 5 (16lbs) and fish off 3 ans 2. Beat 6 remains a real disappointement with only 1 fish off last week on the Achentoul rods. The water is still cold and season later than recent years, hopefully things warm up next week in all departments. Its not just the Helmsdale that is struggling, The Spey is not exactly on fire yet either. Heavy nowmelt this weekend and rising rivers should induce a fresh run everywhere.

Temps were up to 16 degrees yesterday (Sat 7th) on the Findhorn river and it was pleasing to hear that they are doing rather well. I was excited to join a good friend of mine Adam Macdonald and his party under the very experienced watchful eye of guide Lesley Tyson on Friday/sat. We fished the Altyre & Darnaway beats and saw quite a few fish. 5 fish were taken on the beat for the week before I tightened into a superbly conditioned fish estimated in the teens of pounds in the tail of Scurr pool, (exactly where Lesley said he would be!) The setup for you tecky people out there was as follows and my usual - Loop Cross S1 15ft, Gaelforce Spey 63ft head with 10 ft 7ips Gaelforce sink tip, Loop Evotec reel, Maxima nylon 18lbs and an RS Willie Gunn Special 1.5" copper tube with Fulling Mill Tube double, unbeatable and seldom lets me down on any river for water coverage or strike rate.

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Findhorn silver at its best for Ron

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Another reasonable week

Ronald Sutherland

Tough conditions greeted Helmsdale rods last week again, unsettled conditions with an Easterly wind are never great and one day was lost with a rising river but there are fish running and over a dozen were recorded. I can also report that the first fish came off the Association water the week before last to the rod of Jim Forsyth in the Flat pool at 6lbs

The experience of Welsh regulars Andrew Thomas and Gavin Perry always shows through and this year was no different with 4 lovely springers up to 15lbs fishing Achentoul rods, Gavin taking 2 on a small black & yellow Monkey bottle tube and one on a Classic Willie Gunn 1" copper tube. Andrew took his perfect specimen on a TD in Caen Streams beat 1(pics below ) Pano Constantinedes also had a good week with 3 to his rod on Borrobol rods, the score could have been better as Alan Shannahan of the same party lost one at the net on beat 4 and a 20+ fish on beat 6 in the Manse pool. Fish also came from the Swirl pool beat 6, Ewes Neuk beat 5, and Lower Torrish beat 3.

Every beat is now producing fish so as soon as the river settles and a little warmth arrives the scores should almost double and fish will also be over the falls anytime too if they are not already over...

Andrew with a classic deep set springer from Caen Streams beat 1

Welsh international Gavin with his biggest at 15lbs from Lower Torrish beat 3

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