A few more fish around.

Ronald Sutherland

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In a week when water levels remained low, there were over 30 fish off the river. Lady Sandison captured the biggest fish and the headlines this week with a super 21 pounder from Lower Caen fishing Achentoul rods. Previously, ghillie George found a rather nice looking conehead fly on the riverbank and his father always maintained that if this happens then you should put the fly on as it is usually lucky, the picture below speaks for itself!

Lady Sanderson 21 pounder

William Jappy finally caught the first fish on the Association water after a seemingly endless dour spell. The tide fresh 10 pounder took a tiny Temple Dog tubefly fished on the dropper in the Sewerage pool. 

William with his first of the season

William fish

In other news the Oykel & Carron rivers are fishing very well with over 50 weekly fish to each river recently. When the water arrives on these rivers in April/May there are always fireworks! Helmsdale Angling club had 2 rods for the week on the Brora but the fishing was tough apart from on the Monday for Andy Sutherland who had 3 fish. A Black & Orange Conehead monkey was the killer fly. 5 fish was the total for the week on the South bank.

Andy with his first of 3 from the Lower Brora.

Andy Brora fish

The deadly black & orange conehead Monkey tube 

Black & Orange Monkey



Better but still hard going.

Ronald Sutherland

My prediction for this week was almost spot on but not quite! Around 22 salmon (there may be a few more) were reported last week with a couple from the upper beats. Kildonan rods had the best of the action with around 6 or 7 and caught the first fish over the falls in the usual spot from Suisgill pool 2 above, Badanloch rods also had one from the same beat on Saturday.

Achentoul rods struggled at the start of the week but caught 2 on beat 6 on Saturday with one tipping the scales at 18lbs to bring their total to 3. Torrish rods also ended up with a hard fought 3. Ed Cordozo got them off to a fast start with a super 15 pounder from the Dyke pool on Monday then Peter Holden grassed one in the Breakwater beat 5 on an Alistair. Hugh Colville then tased one skillfully from Kilphedir pool late on Friday on a Sunray Shadow.

Temperatures were good all week and some welcome fresh water livened things up from Wednesday. Floating lines and coneheads worked well and now the Sunray Shadow tube is starting to make its phenominal presence felt once again. Every angler needs one or two of these amazing tubes in his flybox and if you are amongst fish then deploy quickly if they are not paying attention to the usual killers. Fish the Sunray with a square cast and get your rod tip up to skate it across the pool at good pace then watch out for the big hit! I had an invite to fish with Hugh Colville Torrish rods on Saturday and had a typical encounter using the Sunray shadow in Douirst pool beat 1 above. A fish jumped after we fished through the pool so the Sunray was quickly tied on the end of the line, minutes later the same fish had chased and risen to the fly 3 times in explosive style, unfortunately the fish felt the fly on the third effort and the hook did not take hold but the confrontation was enthralling as usual!

The Association water continues to disappoint as fish are not yet running in numbers and mostly at night. Chances must now improve on a weekly basis and it is only a matter of time before one or two get picked off.

Peter Holden with his bar of silver from the Breakwater pool beat 5

Peter Holden fish

The deadly Sunray Shadow tube

Sunray Shadow

Some popular conehead tubes below which will fish well this week. We have them all in stock and ready to purchase on-line and don't forget to order your nice new Sunrays...Don't fish anywhere without one!

Cascade Dog

Cascade Dog

Willie Dog

Willie Dog

Ally Dog

Ally Dog

Alistair Conehead

Alistair Conehead



A little more action.

Ronald Sutherland

STOP PRESS.... you need these hot bright tubes below for the Dee, Tay and Spey this week, all three rivers are in spate right now after heavy rain and snow melt and the fishing will be superb in coloured water! more rain is coming midweek so bring the rods out in force and get some of these deadly tubes in the water!!

RS Mylar Tube Black & Yellow

RS Mylar Tube

Tiger Tail Alistair

Alistair Tiger tail

Alistair Gold

Alistair Gold

Feeler Flamethrower

Feeler UV Flamethrower


The Helmsdale produced a little more action last week as a few fish started to ease into the system. Approx 10 fish were recorded mainly from beats 1, 2 & 6 with the biggest (18lbs) falling to a Badanloch rod on Flat pool beat 6. 

With the weather set to change ( and it has rained heavily overnight ) we would expect the week ahead to initiate the main spring run. The river is rising as I write so lets hope there are lots of fish lining up in the bay.

An exciting snapshot of the SEPA guage at Kilphedir this morning showing a rising river during the night.

SEPA river level Helmsdale

Achentoul Ghillie George "Hardy" Sutherland shows off and returns another hefty Helmsdale springer

Achentoul ghillie George Hardy

A fast improving pool on beat 1 below - Sand pool, which is deepening nicely off the point and well worth a cast now.

Sand pool

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Black & Yellow Feeler double

Black & Yellow Temple Dog salar double

Black & Yellow Temple Dog salar double

Willie Gunn Tigerback salar double

Willie Gunn TigerBack salar double

Flamethrower Tigerback salar double

Flamethrower Tigerback salar double

Tight lines - 25 off the river next week prediction...first 2 off the Association water.