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The big news on the fishing front this week was Sonny Jappy netting his first of the season from the Association water at 7.5lbs. Sonny hooked the fresh fish in the stream above the sewerage pool, nobody deserves a fish more than Sonny who spends many enjoyable hours on the Association water so well done to him. We now have 4 off this water and with the river low for the time being the Association water is the place to be. Tickets are available from the Tackle shop on a daily basis so get out for a cast and make use of our mega BOGOF deal on flies!
Another cracking fish was caught up river on beat 2 this week by Borrobol rods, estimated at around 23lbs it was one of the best proportioned fish ever seen by ghillie Glen and his rod who is an experienced international angler. Apart from that there was not too much to talk about, Suisgill rods were top for the week after a great start with 3 on 5 but as the water dropped away things became a little more difficult. Sisters Tara & Iona caught one each for Torrish rods, I have known these two since they were toddlers and let me tell you they can fish!
Since last report there have been around 19 fish off so the river is on approx 74 fish off.
Prospects for next week look tough unless we are blessed with some heavy rain.


We have around 55 fish off now. The highlights from the last two weeks would be 2 cracking 20lbs fish to the rod of Glen Macdonald and a spectacular 28 pounder from the Little rock pool on beat 6 for the lucky Mr Temple fishing Suisgill rods.

Locally Alistair Jappy took the 3rd fish from the Association water in the Flat pool, a sea-liced fish of 5.75lbs. With temperatures in the mid 40s fish are now up hitting Sunray Shadow tubes. These amazing flies tempt salmon when the usual killers are ignored, better get some in your flybox fast as they save the blank on many a day. With no rain forecast for the next week the river will drop so Sunrays and small tubes fished on floating lines will do the trick. The Association water usually produces a few fish in lower water so it will be well worth a cast. Permits are available from the Tackle Shop as usual.

We are extending this great tube fly offer below for another week...get your box ordered on-line right here  its as easy as that!  chose from 3 deadly hook options in our "Destination boxes" category - these flies are perfect for late spring or when the water level is up.

On the fishing front we have had a poor week. Adam Macdonald got out of the blocks early with a nice 7lbs fish from the little Rock on beat 6 Monday on a Temple Dog. After a decent start with 6 on Monday & Tuesday things slowed right down as the water disappeared. Low water conditions are ideal for the Association water and the first fish was duly caught there by local early bird William Jappy on Wednesday morning 7lbs, The fly was a 1" Willie Gunn and the Top stream was the hot spot. Achentoul rods had a good day with 2 on Friday ( 6 & 16lbs ) and Mia Macdonald got even with her other half by landing a second for Badanloch rods in Johns pool beat 1 on Saturday.

William Jappy displays the first fish off the Assocation water.