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The Helmsdale had another tough week but some fine fish are being caught. The highlight was this cracking chunky 20 pounder from Alan Shanahan in Kilphedir pool beat 2.

We have another spectacular addition to our super polular range of Premium Willie Gunn Legend tubes all tied by Ron. The RS UV Willie Gunn FL Red head below. This stunning conehead is sure to catch the eye of unsuspecting salmon especially in peat stained water. Grab some on our link below as soon as you see them as Ron has a long queue waiting for his very special flies.

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Same fly "Sun on" pic where you can see more vibrancy as the ingredients explode in the sunlight. The pics do not do these flies justice, they need to be seen in hand to fully appreciate the amazing colour and quality.

A few more fish are coming off the Helmsdale now with most of the beats starting to score. The river is running at around 7 - 8" so it is quite low but this is a height when fish are found, if they are in the system.

Andy Sutherland is still catching them, his latest however took him through arguably the most trecherous strech of water on the Helmsdale to play out and land a fish. Hooked in Johnny Gordons on beat 2 the last thing you want is for your fish to head for the sea, but this one did and at this point Andy was wishing he had not set up his 11ft switch rod for the day! a sporty 10 pounder was landed below the swing bridge however and all that one can do is wipe the sweat from the brow, release and smile at this wonderful sport we chose to pursue.

By the end of play today (Saturday 23rd) I would not be surprised if this is the first double figure week as I have heard of around 7 - 8 fish off so far and fishing conditions look good today all be it a touch on the windy side. Bill Baxter, Aaron Grant and Graham Nichols all scoring last week on the beats.

Another headline for one of our new flies again last week too when Davie Morrison caught the first fish off the Helmsdale Association water on our RS Pink Tomic SuperSquid on the Style pool so very well done to him. From the feedback we are getting here at Helmsdale Co, these new pink tubes seem to be catching everywhere but that is no surprise as they have been working well on the Tay for years as big Tomic spinning lures.

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Davies lovely fish below with Pink Tomic clearly inhaled

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Not many headlines from the Helmsdale last week apart from a sprinkling of fish off beat 6 and a few others so its all about our fly deals and awesome new RS UV Willie Gunn Loop double. ( see below ) The Brora river reported 5 with Daniel Logie getting in on the act with his first of the season.

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New Rs UV Willie Gunn Monkey Loop double

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4 fish were reported from the Helmsdale last week so things seem to be waking up a little at long last. Andy Sutherland had his second from the tail of the Marrel Pool. There was a 17 pounder off Lower Torrish on beat 3 and beat 6 procided 2 on Saturday, one of which was 20lbs. A few big fish were lost and seen so it looks like a run has arrived.

Dont forget we still have 2 of our fave black & yellows on offer with a 3 + 1 on the feeler Black & yellow and our black & yellow mylar which you can grab from our homepage. Below are another 2 of our unique flies which fish great at home or abroad so if you are thinking of Iceland or Scandinavia then grab a few whilst they are still in stock but don't forget that they catch fish in the Uk too.

The RS Spring Frances tungsten conehead designed by Ron for spring fishing with black & yellow always a favourite early season colour combo. We all know how effective the Red Frances colour and profile has been for years so you just know this design works! We have it in 2 large sizes for deep spring fishing.

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The RS FireTiger SuperSnaelda silver conehead. Another deadly fly for many anglers. Ron based this design on the colours of the lethal Firetiger Rapalla spinning lure. It was a surefire winner from the day it rolled off the fly-tying vice and has done extremely well in the UK and Norway, we have it in 3 sizes.

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And not forgetting a pic of the lovely springer returned by Andy from the Tail of the Marrel pool beat 1 mint fresh from the sea which is only a mile downstream.

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The river Helmsdale is still quiet for the time of year with only 2 fish off. The second was caught on beat 6. With the river fully rodded for the week ahead we should get a better idea if there are fish around. There are some lovely springers coming off many rivers now and with the mild winter they are being caught a long way up river of most of the famous lower spring beats. I bet there are a few over the falls of kildonan on the Helmsdale already.

We have added another great new fly to our awesome collection this week, the RS Pearly Allys FL Red head. Our Pearly Allys have a big following now after a great show on the Spey last year so our range just keeps growing due to popular demand. We have them on doubles, copper tubes and coneheads now so something there for the whole season. The UV in the wing and body seems to make salmon take notice of the profile. See a few of them here on our homepage plus our new design hot off the vice, grab some right here -