Great flies back in stock!

Ronald Sutherland

Many of your favourites are back in stock, I won't bore you with how good they are but i'll list most of them below...

Copper tubes

Flamethrower 0.5 & 0.27

Frances red 0.25

Frances pink 0.5"

Pro Posh Tosh 1" & 1.5"

Tweed Posh Tosh (red eye) 0.75 & 1"

Pot bellied Pig Cascade 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1"

Eternal optimist 1.5"

RS Torrish Morangie 1"

RS Willie Gunn Special 1" & 1.5"

RS Willie Gunn Special (yellow) 1"

RS Willie gunn gold rib original 0.75" & 1"

Tungsten tubes

Autumn Glory TD 0.5"

RS Willie Gunn Special (yellow) 1"

Cascade Shrimp 0.5"

Dee monkey hot orange 0.5"

Dee Monkey yellow 0.25, 0.5", 1"

Flamethrower 0.5", 1"

Pot Bellied Pig Cascade 0.25", 0.5", 1"

Pot bellied Pig Willie Gunn 0.5"

Aluminium tubes

Classic Collie dog 0.75", 1"

Dee Monkey, 0.5", 0.75" 1"

RS Baby Temple Dog 0.5"

International cascade Pig 0.5"

Loop Bottle tubes

Bottle Monkey Black & Yellow 0.5", 0.75"

Bottle Monkey Hot orange 0.5", 0.75"

Brass coneheads

Chartreuse Dee Monkey silver conehead 0.5", 1"

Dee monkey silver conehead 0.5", 1"

Park Shrimp conehead original red head 0.5"

RS Rogie conehead 0.5", 0.75"

Classic Scandi Temple Dogs

Green highlander tung conehead 8cm

Black & orange tung conehead 6cm

Phatagorva tung conehead 10cm

Flaming tung gold conehead 6cm

Willie Gunn tung conehead 6cm

Frances coneheads red small, medium, large

Frances coneheads black small, medium

Plastic tubes/hitch/sunray

Dee Monkey Blk yellow 0.5", 0.75" 1"

Classic Sunray shadow 12cm

Classic Sunray shadow brown/white underwing 12cm, 9cm

Frodin orange hitch 0.75

Cascade hitch 0.5"

Hauger hitch 0.5"

Silver Elver 0.5"




Ron hits 25 pounder

Ronald Sutherland

The river produced around 20 last week including a 25 pounder from beat 4. Most rods had fish and Torrish rods had 6, 4 to Andy Sutherland and 2 for ghillie Jean Bain from Kilphedir 12lbs and Lower Caen 10lbs both on the trusty gold bodied Willie Gunn.

Myself, well 2 days on the Spey produced my first 5 of the season including a stunning 25 pounder from Rhynd pool Wester Elchies. Fabulous beat with a range of pools where the fly swings like a dream. RS Mylar Willie Gunn tube had 2 and our Solar Monkey took the other 3 including the big boy. The set up was the usual Loop Cross S1 15ft, Gaelforce 10/11 63ft head & 10ft sink tip 3.9ips. Maxima Chameleon 18lbs and Fulling Mill silver tube doubles size 6, I hooked 5 kelts and 5 springers and landed every one well hooked - great hooks!

We have all of the above for sale, its a superb combo and the proof is in the pudding as you can see me anytime for deals or advice, this gear is becoming highly sought after and its all just a click away! Dream combo!

Lookout also for a huge influx of new flies this week from midweek especially Monkeys in Tungsten etc and many of our out of stock favourites coming back in stock.

Jean Bain 12 pounder from Kilphedir beat 2

Ron 25 pounder from Rhynd pool Wester Elchies on RS Solar Monkey

10 pounder Brock pool on Mylar Willie Gunn

No 2 from Brock pool 9 pounder on Mylar Willie Gunn

Delagyle pool, 7lbs Solar Monkey

10 pounder selfie, Solar Monkey Rhynd pool

A happy Ghillie Sam properly shows off the 25 pounder, very glad he was around to net it for me!

Donna also getting in on the action netting my 10 pounder from Brock X

The deadly flies, RS Solar Monkey which just keep catching springers all sizes and my 25 pounder.

RS Mylar Willie Gunn, I fish both of these flies with huge confidence - because they work!!



Great week, big fish.

Ronald Sutherland

The Helmsdale produced around 17 fish last week including a brace of 20 pounders. The unstoppable Andy Sutherland landed his second 20 of the season fishing the Upper Torrish pool on Torrish rods. The stunning fish was sea-liced and in amazing condition, the fly was one of our Cascade Dog Coneheads fished on his favourite Gaelforce floating Spey line with 10ft Gaelforce 3.9ips sinking tip. Corrie Cormack also got in on the act for Torrish rods with a fish from Lower Caen beat 1.

Borrobol rods had 4 for the week, The best was another 20 pounder from Eldrable pool beat 2. They also had fish from the Marrel pool (11lbs) Dyke pool beat 6 (9lbs) and a 15 pounder from Clay Bank beat 5 to round of a good March week  The Association water has also started to produce the goods and Jim Forsyth took a lovely brace of fish at 9 & 15lbs from the Flat pool.

The general consensus in the North is that the spring run is improving slowly, fish are certainly around and all rivers are scoring. The Spey produced fish up to 28lbs last week and availability is very good, especially on the Bray beats ( where the big fish was caught) nestled just above Fochabers and below the famous strech of Orton, Delfur, Rothes and Arndilly.

Andy Sutherland with his 2nd 20 pounder of the season, not the best pic but you certainly get the idea...

The deadly conehead Cascade Dog 20mm,  you can click and buy it here right now -

Our flies and accessories are selling very well and salmon fishing seems positively bouyant! Good numbers of salmon are entering the rivers and that's the absolute key to it all!

Gaelforce lines and sinking tips are best sellers, Loop Q series salmon rods are storming the market also and we are ordering our second batch very soon so get your order for one in quickly, 15 & 13'2 options are available from only £273, simply superb rods for the price! I reccomend them and have bossed 20 pounders with them as you can see from my October 2016 fishing report...

Check out the superb deadly flies on our recent reports below and get stuck in as we are still on a 3 + 1 mode. We have had a few questions on how the 3+1 deal actually works, well its very simple, every 3 flies you purchase we add another the same pattern or similar for free.

Tight lines, get out on the water, there are fabulous springers to be caught everywhere!



20 fish off

Ronald Sutherland

The Helmsdale is starting to come alive. The total is up to a heady 20 now roughly. Andy Sutherland scored again on Lower Caen and Kilphedir and fish are coming off everywhere below the falls and running daily now. Helmsdale Co flies are working great not just on the Helmsdale but all over Scotland and you can see our best sellers below. They are flying out the door and anglers are filling their boots with our 3 + 1 deal.

All the flies and many more are available here -

Cracking fish are being caught everywhere now. Tony Black bagged a glorious 30 pounder on Murthly 2 Tay and fish up to 25 pounds are being caught on the Spey. The North rivers are kicking in also, Pat Nichol had a super 20 pounder on the Thurso, and Alistair Jappy took the first 2 fish off the Forss, the fly? An Alistair TigerTail of course as pictured above. The Ness is also waking up, Gordon Armstrong has had 2 off his Ness Castle beat in the last week, A Black/yellow Monkey tube doing the damage.

If you have not been out yet, its time to grab some fishing as the spring run is well and truly on. The Spey has good availabiliy and Fishpal has plenty more to chose from.

Check out this short piece I wrote for the Fulling Mill Blog, some good tips for early season fishing -

A shot of one of our Rs Silver Wilkinson tubes whilst fishing the Spey below Fochabers. The combo of Loop Cross 15ft, Gaelforce 63ft head + 10ft poly is stunning, rocket launchung in every way. Yes, we have them for sale also if you ever need to treat yourself! call us for best prices.

And for those of you who are not mad about constructing your own loops on the end of sinking Poly leaders we have these 10ft Loop to Loop tips from Rio which have welded loops at both ends. Check them out right here -



Up to 11 fish off.

Ronald Sutherland

The Helmsdale had its best week last week with around 5 fish reported but unusually nothing from beat 6 yet. Water temps are not exceptionally cold so this remains a mystery as beat 6 is normally where you want to be! I am sure fish will be caught there this week. Low pressure is set to dominate in the week ahead so the river will probably be topped up and unsettled on occasion but it will be fairly mild.

No mystery in our 3 + 1 fly offer apart from a few enquiries as to how it actually works. It is simple, for every 3 flies you purchase, we add another of identical or very similar free of charge. The deal is running incredibly well as per usual and little wonder as we have the best selection and mix of flies available on the internet.

Check out one of our latest new copper tube flies below, these are absolute beauties tied with Jungle cock and whats even better is that they are available in 4 sizes for all conditions. The tubes come in 1.5", 1", 1/2" and an amazing tiny 1/4". We have a twist of UV in the tail as well as a hint of Krystalflash and an explosion of opal mirage on the body. These are our new stock Pro Cascades so snap them up when you have the chance as they will be absolutely flying out the door.