Salmon Fishing available on river Mallart

Ronald Sutherland

1. The week starting Sunday 1st July 2012

Salmon fishing on the River Mallart and Trout fishing on Loch Choire, Loch Truderscaig and Loch Beallach and three further hill lochs. Self catering accommodation for up to 12 guests in Loch Choire Lodge.

Please call for details


2. Week starting Sunday 15th July 2012

Salmon fishing on the River Mallart and Trout fishing on Loch Choire, Loch Truderscaig and Loch Beallach and three further hill lochs. Self catering accommodation for up to 12 guests in Loch Choire Lodge.

Please call for details

Week starting Sunday 26th August 2012 

Stalking for two rifles, with the expectation of eight stags for the week, Salmon fishing on the River Mallart, Trout fishing on Loch Choire, Loch Truderscaig and Loch Beallach together with three further hill lochs and accommodation for up to 12 guests in Loch Choire Lodge on a self catering basis.

Please call for details, Due to late availability on these weeks the price has been significantly reduced.






12 fish off last week

Ronald Sutherland

25/3/12. Remarkably it would appear that around 12 salmon were caught last wek on the Helmsdale and one of 4lbs pending scale results. A slight lift in the water on Monday was gone by midweek and conditions were back to summer low once again. Visitor Niel Strawson had a day out from the Brora river and caught a sea-liced 7lbs fish from Roaries pool on the Association water on a small Park Shrimp conehead and William Jappy landed a fish of 4lbs with no lice. Due to the small size of this good looking fish, scales have been taken to confirm status. It could well be a 2SW fish or a very early grilse. Suisgill rods took the first fish from above the falls in the Woody pool beat 1 and the week ended on a strong note with 5 fish off on Saturday. The forecast for the week ahead is very settled with a stubborn high pressure in firm charge and no rain in sight. Summer flies will be the order of the day once again with small coneheads, tubes and doubles required on floating lines for the best chance of a fish. We still have a superb set of half price Park Shrimp flies on offer (see below) and all spring flies are still on "Pricecrash" mode to buy right now online.

18/3/12. The total is up to 27 fish after a good start to last week. Suisgill rods had 3 fish from beats 1 & 6, Kildonan took 2 from beat 2, Badanloch (as already mentioned below) had one from Dempsters on beat 4 and Peter Macmillan added what one would call a typical summer sea-liced grilse to the Local tally ( scales to confirm status ) not forgetting Sonny Jappy who had a cracking 10 pounder on Monday. All in all a great start to the week. As the week went on, the water dropped and sport basically came to a halt from Thursday onwards as water levels fell away to around 4ins. With no rain of any consequence on the forecast the prospects look bleak for the week ahead unless compensation water is introduced from Badanloch. Check out our great deal on Park Shrimp flies below for less than half price, snap up a box while stocks last.

In a big new move for the Helmsdale Company portfolio, Ronald Sutherland has now teamed up to consult with the worlds biggest fly manufacturing outfit Fulling Mill. Ronald has agreed to update the Fulling Mill salmon range available to trade dealers/tackle shops worldwide by providing cutting edge new patterns and modernising some old favourites. The new Fulling Mill fly catalogue is due out later in the year and it is set to make a big impact with superb new trout and salmon flies - "this is exciting times for the Helmsdale Company, we have been designing some amazing salmon flies recently with a range of innovative new materials, watch out for the new FM catalogue, the new salmon range will be absolutely stunning" check out the latest Fulling Mill press release here -

A view down Salscraggie pool beat 1 below on Saturday evening, more water required!

Salscraggie pool

We have a superb offer on 12 boxed Park Shrimp doubles for LESS than HALF the advertised price - Normally £43.08 - NOW ONLY £21.50

Park Shrimp selection

Sonny Jappy got off the mark early this season with a super sea-liced 10 pounder from the Sewage pool on the Association water. Sonny was fishing on the afternoon ebb of the tide and a 1.5" copper gold bodied Willie gunn did the damage. Tickets for this water are now available for the reduced price of £25 per rod per day following the worst grilse run in memory, let's hope things get back to normal this summer - OAPs and Under 16s are half price. Tickets are available from the Tackle shop and Strathullie crafts.

Badanloch also reported a sea-liced fish from Dempsters pool beat 4 which brings the seasonal total up to 19.

Sonny 10 pounder

The Killer Gold Bodied Willie Gunn below - now only £1.95

Last week came to a rather surprising and limp end with a blank day on Saturday 10/3/12. The river was still running well at around 8/9" and conditions were mild and overcast but there were no more fish to be found. Generally the river performs much better at this time of the year, infact what we are now catching in March used to be the norm in February. The catches are not too surprising considering the lack of rods fishing 9 miles of water below the falls of Kildonan. Soon the amount of water will more than double for the same quantity of rods and the fish will be even more difficult to find. Interestingly the private rotation works out at 1 rod per 2 miles double bank when the full length of river is populated with salmon. Luxury indeed.


Andy Sutherland landed his second of the season and No 17 off the river today on the Association water 9/3/12. Huge midday tides, 10ins fresh water on the guage, downstream wind, cloud cover and mild, what more could lure you down for a cast, perfect conditions! Andy wasted no time in landing a cracking 12 pounder full of sea-lice from the Upper Allan pool on a Hot orange conehead Monkey tube, (see fish & fly below) a few more fish were spotted running today so prospects are looking good for the beats tomorrow.

Andy's Allan fish

Hot orange conehead Monkey Tube

Hot orange Conehead Monkey

Duncan Mackay Took No 16 from the Kilphedir pool yesterday beat (2) 8/3/12 a fine sea-liced 12 pounder went in the books for Torrish rods. The river has risen to an excellent height of around 10" so we would expect a good run to enter the system after a long low spell of water.

Spring Fly PRICECRASH still on

Bringing you right up to date - Becky Smith landed a superb 16 pounder from the Flat pool beat 6 yesterday 6/3/12. She was fishing Borrobol rods and Glen Macdonald ghillie was on hand to help land the fish. A dangerous place to play a fish, the Flat pool has seen many fish head down the falls for the sea to disaster but not this time! well done to Becky, keeping a hand in for the ladies amongst a very experienced party of lads Wink.

Badanloch Ghillie Alex Fraser landed the first for his estate on beat 6 at the end of last week to take the river total to 14 for the season (6 off last week) Alex's fish weighed in at 14lbs and was caught in the Flat pool. 

We desperately need water now as the river is sitting at around 4ins. The local water is a good chance in these conditions so worth maybe having a go at £25 per rod. We have all spring tubes on a price crash right now so a good chance to get stocked up!


Information from Ken Reid River Dee Development officer below that you may be interested in. The Helmsdale Co continually support the river Dee Trust who tirelessly raise funds for worthy river projects.

"As you may have seen in the media the River Dee Trust have recently hosted an auction in London at the home of the Flyfishers Club.

We have shifted 11 out of the 14 River Dee Trust auction lots and have 3 left over-would you be interested in any of them ?

River Reisa (sister river to the Alta)-Any full week between 8th July and 19th August-Fishing for one rod, full board accommodation, guide and river boat transportation-Guide £ 4.5 k-will look at any reasonable offer

Yokanga River-4th August to 11th August or 11th August to 18th August-full board and accommodation provided for full weeks fishing for one rod including all helicopter transportation etc-Guide £3.5 k but will look at any reasonable offer

Rio Grande, Tierra Del Fueggo-Fishing for two anglers in the top weeks in February 2013 through Charlie White at Roxtons with full board accommodation, guides and access to 30 miles of the most amazing sea trout fishing in the world-Guide £ 12k but will look at any reasonable offer

If so please get in touch

Kind regards


Ken Reid

Fisheries Development Officer

DDSFB & River Dee Trust Office

Mill of Dinnet, Aboyne

Aberdeenshire, Scotland,AB34 5LA

D +44 (0) 13398 80411

M +44 (0) 7979 878971


River Dee Trust Registered Charity No SC028497