It's gone quiet again

Andy Sutherland saved the blank for the week on the Helmsdale with a sparkling springer from Lower Caen on beat 1 at 8lbs. The river was high so the South bank was chosen to fish one of his favourite pools through the beautiful inside track away from the main flow of the North bank. A monkey conehead was chosen and it was not long before his decision was rewarded.

A disappointing week for the river but the form was on par with most other rivers where fish were also few and far between. With high pressure set to dominate the forecast for the next week, the river should settle nicely and hopefully some more fish arrive. Watch this space!

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RS Pure Gold Monkey coneheads

The Helmsdale finally woke up last week and Graham Nichols had the honour of catching the first fish off the river from the Church Streams beat 6 at 8lbs. The next day Jean Bain caught an almost identical fish in the pool above at the Swirl to make it No 2.

Stuart Foxall had one backing up the Old bridge pool on beat 4 and not to be outdone, Andy Sutherland landed a thumping 18 pounder from Eldrable pool beat 2 to make it 4 off for the week.

Other rivers are catching too but not many. Only 3 or 4 off the Dee for the week, 6 reported from the Tweed, 5 from Tay and the Spey had its first 2 fish yesterday from Aberlour and Craigellachie.

The good news is that there are now some lovely spring salmon in our rivers and one would presume that the fishing will only get better week on week. On that note we have added another great looking RS fly design to our offering to help you tempt a stunning springer to the net, The RS Pure Gold Solar Monkey, see is not cheap or easy to construct with expensive real junglecock and Solar flanks but we think it is worth it!

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The 18 pounder from Andy Sutherland

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At last there is a fish off up North with an 8 pounder sea-liced off the Oykel river from the famous Langwell pool. The Dee is picking away amongst others and the mighty Spey opens tomorrow alongside the Findhorn, hopefully more to report from there very soon.

We now have a great deal on our deadly RS Willie Gunn Specials too to help you along. This is one of our SuperTubes invented and designed by Ron a few years ago when he took his favourite legendary Gold Bodied Brora Willie Gunn to a whole new level by adding a little sparkle and shrimp like body along with real junglecock. A true heavyweight spring salmon catcher and his most successful spring tube to date.

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Some nice springers are now being caught on Scottish rivers so the season is hotting up at last. The Helmsdale is still to report a first of the season but it is only a matter of time.

We have another superb new conehead tubefly online from today and hot off Rons vice, The RS Stealth Cascade which was just made for spring salmon fishing. With a 1" body and 3" hairwing you can fish this stunner in almost any water height right through Feb, March and April/May. We do not have many tied up so if you like the look of them then you best order as soon as you see them! Plenty of hook options too and if you want black instead of clear extension tubing just let us know in the comments section when ordering.

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