3 + 1 deal on flies

Ronald Sutherland

Here is the latest deal from us (below) we have sent it out to our entire customer base so you have probably seen it already.....but if not, please feel free to take advantage.

Incedentally the Helmsdale is up to 6 fish off with the latest being Andy Sutherland with a 12 pounder from the Flat pool on the Association water. An RS Gold Bodied Willie gunn did the job.


Hi there..
We have introduced our 3 + 1 fly deal once again and we are running it for the next 6 weeks as it was so successful last spring, ( we like to give something back for your support ).

The hottest spring flies this year are without doubt the following.

Alistair Tigertail -
Classic Dee Monkey -
Grizzle Monkey -
Willie Gunn Grizzle Monkey -
RS SuperSnaelda -
Feeler UV Willie Gunn conehead & copper tube -

The latest "insider fly" doing very well from current feedback on many rivers is the new Kinermony SuperSquid in the bigger sizes, an absolute cracker! - ( pic attached )

I hope you manage to find what you are looking for, if not please tell us if "out of stock" flies are required.
We also hope to restock on many more of our best very soon.

We have lots of tube doubles and trebles + Seaguar Fluro & Maxima Nylon - and the super popular Gaelforce lines and sinking polytips to get these flies down in front of those priceless spring salmon.

Tight lines & thanks for your time.

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As far as I know there have been no more fish off the Helmsdale apart from 2, the North is generally quiet with 2 off the Brora and the Naver simmering on 5.

The highlight of the week came once again from that man Andy Sutherland, this time on his latest visit to the Dee at Lower Crathes & West Durris. The Dee is not the deepest river in the world and fish will come for the fly almost every month of the year so long as they see it. The river was not high so Andy was immediately thinking full floating line and sinking tip should suffice. A superslick new Gaelforce Equalizer Spey 63ft floating head line was purchesed from Helmsdale Co with a selection of sinking tips. Grizzle Monkey was the fly deployed and the rest as they say is history! Check out the bruising 20 pounder released below. But, that was not the end of the days sport on the beat, his fishing partner for the visit was Corrie Cormack who incredibly matched the feat by landing another 20 pounder on the day, Corrie was using an Alistair Tiger Tail which, incedentally, caught the first fish on the Helmsdale this year.

The links to both flies are below which you can add to your collection anytime. These tubes continue to prove their worth so you could do a lot worse than grab a few for your own box, they are catching spring salmon right now!

The Gaelforce brand continues to really impress and there is a line for everyone, the floating lines are a dream to cast and are very clearly integrated into floating running line which is easily managed, view them on the link below, if you fancy one just hit the button and order one, you won't regret it! -

Andy with his blistering 20lbs springer.

The deadly blue Grizzle Monkey.

The Alistair Tigertail which just keeps catching spring salmon everywhere!

And never forget the power of the Cascade Shrimp...these also keep catching salmon all over the world, we have them in 2 very handy spring sizes in this cracking conehead design 1" & 1.5" right here -



No 2 off Helmsdale

Ronald Sutherland

New Kildonan estate Ghillie John Young has caught the second fish off the Helmsdale after a rather slow start. The 10 pounder was caught on Lower Caen beat 1. The river Spey had 2 on opening day (Sat 11th) one from Rothes and the other at Arndilly.

last week the Dee reported 34, Tay 26 and Tweed 14. Today I hear there have been 2 x 20lbs fish of Lower Crathes & West Durris courtesy of Andy Sutherland (Helmsdale) & Corrie Cormack (Wick) on our new Grizzle Monkeys -

These flies are catching some super fish and will go on catching right through the spring and onwards abroad in Russia Norway and Iceland from May through to September - be a VERY good idea to grab some while they are in stock! -

Fish them with Gaelforce sinking poly tips from a full floating line in 7, 3.9 & 2.6ips for best results or loop up to full sinking heads if the water is high...

Also we have the best new rods in stock from Gaelforce & Loop in 4 & 6 piece perfect for trips abroad or UK plus the Full range of G2 Loop Evotec salmon reels check them out from our homepage and call me for any advice required.

Don't forget the deadly Monkey Conehead either and our new Posh Tosh conehead below -



Simms, Loop, Spring killers

Ronald Sutherland

We are ordering from Simms & Loop, does anyone need sparkling new Gore-tex waders or jackets from Simms for the season ahead?
Loop also have the new Q series rods in stock at 13'2 & 15ft and a full range of very cool clothing. Don't forget the powerhouse and lightweight Cross S1 which I use myself (and will not part with) in 13. 14, & 15ft

Loop gear -
Simms gear -

Best prices and free flies all part of the deal as per usual.

Fly fishing is an absolute pleasure catching or not, enjoy it to the max - why not treat yourself!

Check out the absolute Helmsdale Co killers people are ordering from us every day! below, you can order them all and many more by clicking right here -



Proven system for catching spring salmon.

Ronald Sutherland

If you are fishing for spring salmon this season why not try a 10ft Gaelforce tapered sinking Poly leader looped up to the favoured Maxima 15 - 18lbs Chameleon nylon and hooked up to an Alistair TigerTail, RS SuperSnaelda or Monkey Tube?

Nothing could be easier if you have a floating can control the speed of fly swing perfectly by mending the line upstream if the current is strong or mending towards your own bank if the flow is slow. Either way your fly will be sinking into the danger zone for spring salmon and that incredible unmistakable pull that we all spend hours searching for.

The first spring salmon on the Helmsdale was once again caught in January on a full floating line with sinking poly leader, 18lbs maxima and 1" RS TigerTail copper tube.

I am thinking about holding a spring salmon fishing Masterclass featuring the legend himself Andy Sutherland if I can persuade him!, I don't know anyone who has sniffed out as many spring salmon as he has so a Masterclass would be very interesting indeed! if anyone is interested let me know and it may happen someday.

Links to all of the above accessories are right here (below) if you fancy using a proven setup.

Gaelforce sinking Poly leaders -
Maxima Chameleon nylon -
RS Alistair Tigertail 1" copper tube -
RS SuperSnaelda conehead -
Classic Dee monkey Conehead -

Tight lines



Andy Sutherland does it again!

Ronald Sutherland

The first fish is off and it was that man Andy Sutherland once again. The first springer of the season was a lovely fresh 9 pounder caught and released in the swirl pool beat 6. Andy left it late in the day as he was at sea but the draw of the river and a couple of hours fishing before darkness was just enough to lure him up to beat 6. The best of the beat was covered quickly and it did not take long for the line to tighten. The river was around 10" and Andy was using a floating line looped to a 6ft Rio fast sinking tip. The fly was the same one he caught the first fish with a couple of years ago in Salscraggie beat 1,  RS Alistair TigerTail 1" copper tube designed by yours truly....and you can stock up on them by clicking right here -

Apologies for the poor picture quality but as you can see, the fish is a cracking bar of silver.

Lovely deep fish returned.

The deadly Alistair Tigertail just keeps catching spring salmon.  Click here to buy it now -