The springers are moving in.

Ronald Sutherland

Stop Press!!

The 3rd week in March ( w/c 17th) has just cropped up on the Helmsdale, 2 rods - if anybody wants it the cost is £1825 but, if you get the week I have the assurance that you will keep it in future. Contact fast, it won't be around for long! Contact me for more details...ASAP

Andy Sutherland continued his good form on the river last week by grassing No 5 from beat 1 Salscraggie. As the pic shows, it was a spanking fresh fish and weighed in at around 8 lbs. The fish was hooked and returned low down the pool opposite the SEPA hut on one of our 1.5" black & yellow copper tubes fitted with a new Fulling Mill Magni silver tube double. It was the first fish taken on Torrish rods. Black & Yellow tubes are more than proving their worth right now in Scotland and especially the Dee where Monkey tubes are catching loads of springers on Middle Dee, some pics of classic Monkey tubes in Aluminium and bottle tube below.

Black & Yellow Copper Tube, you can buy it here now -

Black & yellow coppertube

Classic Black & Yellow Monkey tubes

Bottle Tube Monkey

Aluminium Monkey

Alumin Monkey


Later in the week (Saturday) Gerald Davidson, fishing with the Hugo Ross party (Borrobol rods) landed 2 cracking fish of 12 and 14lbs from Lower Caen and Johns pool. Amazingly he almost had another fresh fish in reach when the hook came out in the Viaduct pool.
Next weeks prospects are good as the weather looks to be settling down a little and I hear the dredging in the harbour is over. There should be a good chance on the association water so grab the rod and get out for a cast. Tickets available from the Tackle shop.

On another very positive note, I have been in correspondence with the River Board recently and as a result there will be an extra item put on the agenda of the public River Board meeting in May regarding Diffuse Pollution and the severe damage to riverbanks and salmon habitat due to unfenced livestock. If you read the October 29th fishing report, and have a look on the Forum you will see exactly what we are talking about! Thanks to all who have posted input on the subject in the Forum - keep it coming, this is where we have a chance to discuss all the issues that affect the river and most importantly get views across to the River Board. If there are any other issues you would liike to put to the Board at the Public May Meeting let me know ASAP and I will make sure they are heard.

We still have an offer on rods and lines for Club Helmsdale members - check out the Helmsdale Angling Forum for all the insider news and join us on facebook under Helmsdale Anglers.



Another dour week on the river.

Ronald Sutherland

We had tough fishing conditions on the river last week with unsettled water levels and it is believed that dredging at the harbour mouth is not helping matters. The coastline has had a real battering recently and as a result inshore water clarity has been very poor at the mouth of the river. Add to this the constant dredging and associated swill of foul smelling mud greeting migrating salmon and you have a possible reason for the lack of fish entering the system.  This of course means we are still stuck on 4 fish off.

Hopefully there will be a full complement of rods on the river in the week ahead and we will be able to notch up another fish or two, it is mid February after all! I recall a weekend in the not too distant past when I had 2 lovely springers off the Association water in mid Feb let alone the whole river so there are sure to be fish running.

Our latest fly BOGOF ends tonight at midnight for Club Helmsdale members but do not dismay, we have another special offer in the wings. Anyone who buys a Mackenzie or Loop salmon rod in the next two weeks will receive a free line of their choice and a casting lesson if they can make it to Helmsdale. You can upgrade anytime to full Club Helmsdale membership for £9.99 anytime and scoop up some great deals all through the season -

On a completely separate note, here is a fascinating short movie on the incredible effect of nature on rivers ( only 4 mins long ) -

To brighten things up a little, here is a selection of some of our latest killers - you need some if you are fishing soon!

Willie Gunns

Last 2 days of Fly Bogof for full Club Helmsdale Members ending Sunday night midnight 16th February

There is still 1 rod available W/C 17th Feb next week on the Helmsdale, let me know if you fancy it and ill give you all the details.

last week was quiet on the Helmsdale river but as usual, not all rods were let and only around a half dozen folk were on the water. We are still stuck on 4 fish off as the other rivers in the North begin to wake up. In my opinion this dire rodding philosophy needs to stop on the Helmsdale and I will be debating the issue on the Helmsdale Forum under Helmsdale river rodding where you will see a compelling reason for development.

A spin around other Highland river totals reveals 2 off the Thurso and 3 off the Brora. Water levels are good on all rivers and with the mild conditions persisting a pattern of running fish is emerging. Both Thurso fish were caught on the upper river on beat 13 and loch Begg. Brora also has 2 fish off the upper river with the latest coming from the rod of Anne Cameron just below Balnacoil falls. These conditions are perfect for migrating spring salmon and I would predict beat 6 on the Helmsdale should produce a fish or 2 this week - providing there are rods on the water.

The undoubted highlight of week goes to regular Helmsdale angler Jim Fisher who was on his annual pilgrimage to Deeside. Ballogie was the place and 7 springers and 2 days later Jim was the talk of the town! I have a special feature on the our Helmsdale Forum revealing Jim's fabulous catch and the fly he used to such devastating effect. The tube is one of my previous designs which Jim took a fancy to and now ties perfectly himself. Well done Jim and a great shame you were washed off the water Wednesday, the news and pics of your superb catch brightened up an otherwise gloomy February week! To login to the Club Helmsdale Forum where its all happening please follow the link here to upgrade -

Whilst the fishing is a little slow in the Highlands at the moment we thought we would inject some excitement into the mix by offering a mouthwatering one off Loop SuperDeal. Below we have the outstanding new Loop Cross S1 14ft salmon rod with New Loop Evotec Colour Concept 8/10 set up with the incredible arrow like loop DDC shooting head low float. To attach to this on the business end we are giving away a full set of Rio Sinking tips to cover all fishing options, and a Tubefly box full of some of Ron Sutherlands best new Feeler salmon tubes and coneheads.

Bogof below extended for 1 more week to cover all members and the stunning Loop deal needs to go this week - first person to make me a fair offer grabs a stupendous deal!!

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Loop SuperDeal



Stormy weather slows things down

Ronald Sutherland

Have a look at the recent Helmsdale weather here, not many anglers on the water and probably not many salmon entering the system in these conditions -

Last week provided the hardy few anglers that ventured out with a sprinkling of kelts only. Conditions were unsettled to say the least with lots of wind and rain but on a positive note it remains unseasonably mild. The Angling Club have the luxury of fishing Achentoul rods this week again and only 2 rods are available, 1 rod Monday beat 5 and 1 rod Tueday beat 4. If you want to keep up with Angling Club news we are on Facebook under Helmsdale Anglers, and on the Club Helmsdale Forum. I think these 2 platforms will morph into one soon and it is looking like the Facebook option will prove to be the most accessible for all. I will take this opportunity to thank Achentoul Estate for their continued support and generosity by offering early season fishing for free and thanks to Ghillie George Sutherland for keeping us up to date with availability.

The river Brora had an opening day fish to the rod of Mr Bell Forres yesterday Saturday 1/1/14. The fish came from the falls pool and weighed in at 7lbs.

We can also add some more fishing to last weeks list, the fishing available below is on the fabulous Ness Castle beat with Gordon Armstrong on the river Ness

Wc 28th July 5 rods £4500 + Vat . Accommodation is an optional extra.

Wc 21st September 5 rods and Accommodation in River Lodge. £8500 inc Vat.

We will be running a fly BOGOF (buy one get one free) this week for full Club Helmsdale Members only ending Sunday 9th midnight - No fly selections are included. Please write "Club Helmsdale Bogof in the comments section or you will not receive a fly BOGOF - it starts from the moment you read this report! and will end next Sunday. Treat this part of your Club Helmsdale membership as a type of loyalty discount scheme similar to what other well known tackle companies have in operation. Call us for discounts on all tackle items throughout the season and state Club Helmsdale in all correspondence or chat.

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A couple of pics from my recent visit to Farlows London to see my latest flies on display (below) we have the new Fulling Mill collection in all the big tackle shops now including Sportfish and Glasgow Angling Centre. The new designs have really caught on and are selling very well all over Europe. we are getting the balance right by offering some really innovative new patterns along with the traditional favourites. Anglers like to have a edgy design in the box but they like their "go to" patterns also. We provide both and at very good prices. There are copies out there on sale for £4,50 which is quite ridiculous.

Farlows famous shop window

Here are some of our deadly flies which will catch loads of fish this season.

The super popular black & yellow selection

Tight lines,