Double figures on Helmsdale.

Ronald Sutherland

The Helmsdale is slowly easing out of hibernation and 10 fish have now been recorded. One came from the hot beat of the moment last week, beat 6 for Kildonan rods courtesy of Jock Young and ghillie Donald Sutherland landed one for Suisgill rods from beat 2 in Johnny Gordons. Kildonan added another fish today ( Monday 27th ) when ghillie Gordon Trail grassed a sealiced 9 pounder out of the Woody pool beat 3. Remarkably Gordon was fishing a floating line and willie gunn Conehead tube, testament to the extremely mild conditions. With the river around 45 degrees and air temp regularly over 50 fish will most certainly be jumping the Falls of Kildonan and progressing right through the system. Borrobol and Suisgill have rods picked up another couple of fish from beat 6 since last update so we are now on 12. Don't forget, we are still in PRICECRASH mode and you can stock up on top quality spring flies right now on-line while stocks last. This is our longest sale ever and many anglers are taking full advantage, please feel free to tell all your angling friends also.

Torrish Ghillie Jean Bain has landed No 7 today Sat 18th. She hooked the 6lbs sea-liced fish fishing the Swirl on beat 6 from the North bank on a Pot Bellied Pig tube. The river has risen to around 2ft and it is looking very good for next week. Fortunately I am on the Dee from Thursday to Saturday, Little Blackhall & Inchmarlow should also be in great order!

Graham Robertson had his first February springer in his sights when he arrived at the tackle shop. He was heading to beat 6 fishing Kildonan rods and was obviously meaning business as he was also looking for a new net! A lightweight 24" "Fastnet" was purchased, Alistair gold 1.5" copper tube deployed and the result an hour later was this fine 10 pounder. The fish was taken in the Little Rock Pool and is No 6 off the river.

10 pounder Little Rock

The Alistair Gold copper tube

Alistair Gold copper tube


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Latest news 5 fish off

Ronald Sutherland

Our legendary ghillie, pictured below (semi-retired but just cant keep off the river!) Johnny Hardy, guided guest Mr Chris Connorcon right onto a fine springer today 6/2/12 on beat 1. John's pool was the spot and a Willie Gunn copper tube was the fly. Well done to the team and this was no 4 off the Helmsdale, a fine sea-liced 8 pounder.

Later in the day Mr Tony Smith fishing Suisgill rods had a fine 10 pounder from Kilphedir pool beat 2. A monkey bottle tube did the trick. Looks like the springers are on the move! With the river fairly low, the Association water is well worth a cast now for £25 per rod.

Tony Smith with his 10 pounder from Kilphedir

Tony Kilphedir fish 

Chris Connorcon fish

We are still in fly "PRICE CRASH" mode please tell all your friends!!

You can see from the 2 Association water pics below that the ice grue has gone today - lets hope it stays that way

Saturday very icy

Icy lower Helmsdale river

Tuesday fine!

Lower Association water Feb 7th

Here is the latest fishing press release from local Rag...for those of you who don't get it sent out weekly!

latest fishing press release

Some flies by the vice right now...

Flies by the vice