New flies 2024

As soon as Christmas is over, salmon fishermen are looking towards the new season which is only a matter of days away and we have just the flies to possibly get the new season off to a great start.

There are proven early season favourites for everyone and the most likely candidates tied on tubes are Willie Gunn, Black & yellow and most forms of Monkey tubes in the biggest sizes espacially if you are fishing in January, February & March.

Well, we are getting more and more enquiries regarding pink salmon tubes and it is all because of the famous Tomic lure which seems to be very effective early season especially in, We thought it was time to bite the bullet and design a range of flies tied up with pink as one of the most prominent colours. The fly-tying juices started flowing and the stunning new range of Tomic salmon flies was born which you can see below and now buy on our website. The list for these will be long so don't delay as they are going to be very popular. Is it the pink or the wobble? you decide....

The original Pink Tomic Harling lure

The RS Pink UV Tomic Monkey copper tube. you can buy here now -

The RS Pink UV Tomic Conehead can buy here now -

The RS Pink UV Tomic SuperSquid copper can but here now -

The Pink UV Pearly Allys Patriot can buy here now -

The Classic Pink UV Cascade Patriot can buy here now -

Many thanks to all who have taken advantage of our awesome Christmas bogof deals on fly selections. As it is coming closer to posting deadlines we are now looking forward to the new spring salmon fishing season of 2024.

All our amazing fly selections are discounted already so there is still time to buy some for your fishing friends but don't hang around as we need to get them out to you in time for Christmas.

Check out our reports below and take a look at the lovely flies on offer or simply hit this link to go direct to our homepage where there are lots of superb selections, new flies and offers.

Look out for our next report as we have some more stunning new flies for spring!!

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