Salmon rivers all over the UK will be opening very soon and many anglers are getting very excited at the prospect of an interruption free season. So, Here we have a small selection of very special salmon flies that have caught opening day springers plus a FREE RS Classic which is also well proven to catch Spring salmon, the beauriful Silver Wilkinson copper tube.

The set includes the following tubeflies (below) which you can also buy separately on our website. We have plenty of the favourite 20 & 18lbs Maxima Chameleon which is the most popular early season nylon and you can buy the flies with trebles or doubles also.

Rs Dee Monkey silver conehead - 1" - 4" hairwing

Rs Alistair Gold Special 1.5" copper tube

Gold Bodied Willie Gunn 1.5" copper tube

Rs Torrish Morangie 1" copper tube

Free Fly - Rs Silver Wilkinson 1" copper tube.

Buy now right here for opening day -

We now have the outstanding Loop tube double hooks back in stock along with their superb new up-eye salmon double. Loop doubles have always been the "go to" best selling hook for serious salmon anglers looking for best quality in strength and hooking capability and you can buy them right here now -

RS Spring Alistair Chartreuse loop double, a couple of new specials on the new hooks from Ron

This is one of the best salmon fly selections you will ever see for spring fishing. Black & Yellow is the "go to" colour combo in Spring and this tube selection is simply stunning. All of these tubes have been designed by Ron and you can only buy them from Helmsdale Co. 
11 flies for the price of 10 including - RS black & yellow feeler tube, RS Spring Frances tungsten conehead, RS black/yellow mylar tube, RS SuperSquid bkack/yellow tungsten conehead and RS SuperSnaelda Black & yellow.

There are also options to buy with tube doubles or boxed with tube doubles in a top quality tube fly box with compartments to start building your spring fly collection.

Snap this one up if you want to catch spring salmon

You can buy now right here -

Boxed with selection of tube doubles