A new RS fly has hit the block and is ready to explode onto season 2024, The RS Pearly Alistair. This stunning fly is based on all the components of the Pearly Allys Shrimp which has been a huge success for anglers in 2023 especially on Speyside.

Ron has already created a Willie Gunn and a Black & yellow design to complement the original Pearly Allys Shrimp and to offer variety of options to this deadly design, the latest is the Pearly Alistair for all the Alistair lovers ( and there are many! ) it os a beautiful fly and destined to be the top trending fly in the Highlands in 2024 so grab some and give them a swim. if the original Pearly Allys effect of 2023 is anything to go by then the Alistair version is sure to be a big success story.

And, just to remind you that we have a BOGOF on all our fly sets for Black Flyday week. Buy any set of flies and get the same set on another lower cost set free, the choice is yours. Simply order 1 set and let us know what free set you want in the "comments box" when ordering.

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RS Pearly Alistair Conehead 2024

RS Pearly Alistair gold Patriot double 2024

We have some great new RS fly sets up for grabs for Christmas gifts. Check them out below and delight your fishing friends! They are so easy to buy and just one click away with fast delivery. We have loads more online from our homepage link to "Rs Special fly selections".

This one has the most trending new flies which have had an explosive summer including the deadly Kitchen Sink, Pearly Allys, Shitey Whitey, Naked Silver Stoat, Cascade feeler and Solar Monkey.

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Next one is a super set of trout flies which are killers for Rainbows and Browns

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Another cracking set of summer salmon favourites including all the most effective flies over the years with Willie Gunns, Cascades, Flamethrowers, Posh Tosh, Allys Shrimp and Silver Stiats tail.

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And another set of pure RS class Black & yellow tubes with Rons nost successful and innovative flies including, Black & yellow Feeler tubes, Solar Monkey Coneheads, Black & yellow mylar tubes, Spring Frances and Black & yellow SuperSnaelda. The options come bagged or boxed with tube doubles.

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Please also think about what you need tied up for next year and place your order via email to Ron who will get them ready for you over the close season.

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Many thanks for tuning in....We hope you see something you like for Christmas.