It's only 9 weeks to Christmas!....and we have some awesome new Boxed Christmas Cracker fly sets for salmon anglers plud many more. As anglers we love our flies so if you struggle to get something for your fishing friends do not fear as here are 2 great options at 3 different discounted price points.

RS Christmas Crackers come in 2 sets - one is the Black & yellow & Chartreuse spring set and the other is the Traditional set with Willie Gunn, Alistair and Cascade Monkey mixed in with the other favourites like our superpopular Solar Monkey, Black & Yellow Mylar tubes, Chartreuse feeler tube & Black & yellow feeler tubes. We have also added extra coloured extension tubing and tube doubles plus one of the best tube fly boxes out there from Fulling Mill.

Grab a set here to secure it as these will sell out...chect them out below and click the link to buy either or both sets. these great sets.

RS Black & yellow & Chartreuse set - buy here now -

RS Traditional set -

Also, check out our lethal autumn fly set below which is on a "Buty 1 ger 1 free" right now, a superb deal on our most popular autumn salmn flies.

Check the set out below and buy here to receive your free set! -

Hi there, we are now back in full swing from our holiday and have some lovely flies on offer like the legendary and hugely popular autumn tube, the Junction Shrimp in a deal below where you gat 3 copper tubes in 1", 1.5" and 2" plus an aluminium 2" free.

Click on the link for the deal right here which you will see on the top of our homepage flies -

We also have a cracking unique Christmas gift stocking filler with our classic Helmsdale selection including the amazing Megan tube, Megan Shrimp and Hairy Mary plus Alistair tubes and goubles.

RS & Megan Boyd Classic Helmsdale Selection- Click here to order -