Well here they come.....We have some great new Special edition flies on the go alongside new exclusive boxed fly selections for you or as unique Christmas gifts.

Ron has taken the hugely popular RS Red Alistair to a whole new level by tying them on a Special edition Partridge Patriot red double hook which we think suits the fly of beautifully.

Ron will be tying these himself so you know you are getting the best Helmsdale Co quality, and, all come with a choice of hook options which has been a very popular offering.

You can check them out and buy below, these are "must have"

Special edition RS Red Alistair SuperSquid conehead, buy here -

Special edition RS Red Alistair SuperSquid Patriot double, buy here -

Special Edition Red Alistair boxed selection, buy here -

Special edition RS Baby TD boxed set, buy here -

SR Solar Monkey boxed set, but here -

And orders being placed right now (below) for 3 stunning different sizes of RS Red Alistair coneheads, we can't stop selling them!!


Please look out for our amazing new unique salmon fly selections and flies coming online very soon to compliment what we already have on offer, all to be revealed this week, and you don't want to miss out on them as we have some very very special selection boxes for you.

I hope you managed to get a cast this year eventually, it has been the most unpredictable season on record, hopefully next season runs more smoothly and we have open access to fish all our favourite rivers again.
Christmas is looming fast and we have another vast offering of superb fly selections which are always well received gifts for the keen anglers among us. We love our flies and at Helmsdale Co we offer the very best out there setup in quality fly boxes. Our innovative and unique flies have been at the forefront of angling for many years so if you think your salmon fishing friends have it all then think again as our very latest selections will excite and recharge any anglers armoury.
Please may I ask you to order in good time this year if you can as delivery may be slightly delayed due to nationwide restrictions, we don’t want you to miss out so make your fishing friends smile this Christmas and drop them one of our fab selections. We have some absolute cracking new selections for you and you cannot get then anywhere else in the world!
We also have a great new member of staff this year, Sonya Stewart ( my fiancé and very keen angler ) and she will take care of customer service and make sure you get all the flies and accessories you need for those special Christmas stockings - on time!

Start your fly selection shopping right here -

Sonya on the stunning river Findhorn recently at Altyre.



Season over

The Helmsdale season faded out quietly due to a lack of water. The river does not totally rely on rain for a lifeline as it is blessed with a vast reserve of dammed water at its head but there is nothing like fresh spate water to get the fish going, this has sadly not materialised recently. ironically the heavens decided to open on the last day of the season and as I write, flood warming’s have been issued throughout the UK. However, the river still produced well over 800 fish in a season blighted by Covid closure and low water. Many rivers experienced similar conditions but many more did catch some rain and had some very good fishing. The good news is that there still remains around 90% of salmon rivers open in Scotland so dont put the rod away quite yet, most are open until the end of October and the mighty Tweed system runs until the end of November.

As you know we have all the flies and accessories required to sniff out autumn salmon. As the water cools pop on sinking tips or full sinking lines to get your fly down to the fish, make it easy for them by presenting your fly deeper than summer. Fish predominantly red purple and black flies or a mix of all 3 colours for best results as salmon get aggressive towards these colours more than others at this time of the year. Red Frances being one of the best along side our Red Alistair.
I have been tying flies for 4 decades now and have seen all the trends and tactics so email me if you want any advice or a custom selection or simply order online for a fast delivery.

A nice little piece in the Field magazine this month in a section reporting on crafts...