Get something new for next season

Ronald Sutherland

It may be only 10 weeks until Christmas but that means its only 12 weeks before the rivers in the North re-open!!

That famous Christmas quote " I don't know what to get him/her, they have everything" well why don't you grab something they need this christmas for theit fave hobby - fishing! Guys and girls dont have all the gear, there are superslick new salmon lines from Loop & Gaelforce which any angler will be delighted to receive instead of slippers and a selection box! We have PROPER Selection boxes for anglers right here -


and here -

Salmon lines to die for....The new Loop SDS Tactical integrated shooting head -

Gaelforce salmon lines -

Christmas Special Selection boxes packed full of our superb new collection flies -

All really easy to order and we can also make up any selection or selection of products for you, just contact Ron via email.



Designer Spey Brooches

Ronald Sutherland

Christmas is fast approaching and we have a stunning new range of designer brooches in stock to enthrall the lady in your life. They are all individually hand tied by Ron and mounted in classy gift boxes. Check them out below, you can easily order by clicking this link -

Spey Cascade

Spey autumn gold

Spey blue sky

Spey summer green

Spey Royal

Spey ruby




Ronald Sutherland

Time for a catchup to keep you in the loop with latest Helmsdale Co operations. The days are shortening so apologies for the extended prose but knowledge is power!

Firstly I would like to personally thank all our customers for another incredibly well supported season ( still going on some rivers ). A new RS fly collection has been launched and phased in over the season and feedback has been incredibly positive. Many of the new flies are designs which I have devised and tested over the years with great success, some are tweaks some completely new and certain flies have been way way out there as best sellers. See new collection here -

Let me explain the thinking behind some of our new concept flies so you get where we are coming from. We don’t just offer the basics at Helmsdale Co and never will, I will always be pushing the boundaries of fly design, our customers demand it and deserve it!

Our Naked range has been huge, classic hairwing flies with no body materials to get ravaged by sharp teeth. Sounds simple? The key is quality Partridge Patriot silver and gold doubles and our innovative design. These are so popular we have given them a homepage category of their own.

Then there is our SuperSquid range which we now have on on tubes. Beautiful flies with a sprinkling of Amherst pheasant spears which make them come alive in the water ( intruder style) but more subtle, the crucial part is that they come in a range of 4 sizes right down to micro which need to be seen to be believed, the quality is astonishing. Continuing with the SuperSquid concept I have created a lethal Spider Monkey range with a hint of the same tantalising leggy look, tied again on best quality bare Patriot doubles and Loop bottle tubes. Last but not least is my Solar range. Conceived 3 years ago using amazing solar edgebright material which literally adds a bolt of lightening to flies in the water. I tested the concept on large Monkey tubes first and had immediate explosive success fishing for spring and autumn salmon, this concept was a goer! Demand is very high for these so I had no hesitation transferring the idea into double hooks, again another set of flies which merit a category on their own.

Incredibly Christmas is only 11 weeks away but we have some top quality boxed salmon fly selections you can buy for your fishing friends and top of the range Loop rods, reels and fishing jackets. Our new collection flies are very popular indeed so a boxed selection of those would definitely make someone very happy, contact me if you want to customise any selection and we can box with doubles or trebles.

Our hugely popular salmon fly cube along with fishing accessories, fly selections and designer brooches is to be relocated from Baxters village to a much more accessible roadside shop in Fochabers right next to the Gordon Arms car park, more on that as soon as we are set up.

Last development to report on is that the full RS new collection will be available to the trade soon from a new web platform, keep an eye out for that and tell your local tackle shop they need to have some of our superb new flies in stock for next year.

Let’s hope for more consistent water levels in 2019 and a general bounce back in salmon numbers.
Many thanks for listening and buying from us this season and feel free to spread the word about our new flies.

A pair of our new designer Spey brooches

Findhorn 45 pounder from the Drynachan beat

Tight lines

Ron Sutherland