Opening day on the Helmsdale

Ronald Sutherland

Latest update - No fish off on day 2 (Friday). Saturday also blank. we should see the first springers of the season coming off the Tay tomorrow - Monday 15th. Good luck to all fishing the week ahead, you know where to get your flies, nylon, sinking tips, lines and, rods - http://www.helmsdalecompany.com/

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Aaron Grant had the privilege of opening the river Helmsdale today and the local junior angler did it with accomplished style watched over by Andy Sutherland & Sir Michael Wigan.

As per usual the Sutherland schools pipe band did themselves proud in the freezing conditions but the day brightened up and the river was in fine fettle.

No springers were landed and kelts were not too plentiful either, so tomorrow is another day as they say!

Young Aaron launches the first cast of the new season

Aaron duly bent the rod on beat 1 Salscraggie pool

One happy angler with an opening day kelt, hopefully the next one has sea-lice!

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Tight lines.



Opening day tactics and flies

Ronald Sutherland

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The Pro selection. If you want to change from 18lbs maxima to another strength let me know.

The Helmsdale river opens very soon again, Jan 11 is rolling up fast. Who is going to catch the first fish? Scroll down to see the flies and usual culprit...

But first check out one of our new range of lethal flies, This is my take on that big Spey favourite, the Kinermony Killer shown off like you have never seen before. Our new 360 view will soon be fully mouse friendly so you can stop the rotation and take a closer look if you wish. We have a big new collection of flies coming very soon and this is part of the "Naked" aspect. I have designed a range of new concept flies with no body materials which makes them more durable and rather sleek don't you think? The range is going to be very popular if feedback is anything to go by.

Watch this space very closely in the next few weeks and see some of the absolute best looking flies we have ever produced. Let me know what you think of the fly below and the presentation.

So, on to the opening days of the river. The water has been high but hopefully frosts will drop levels and make it very fishy, The lower beats may be in prime condition for some very hopefull angling. All the usual rules are in place and the Sutherland Schools pipe band will kick off proceedings  from the Belgrave Arms Hotel as per usual. As far as I am aware, tickets will be issued from the Bannockburn, Belgrave Arms & Thyme & Plaice from Sunday 10th onwards. Helmsdale Co will put up £50 worth of our best killer flies towards the Bridge Hotel Trophy for the first fish caught.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of capturing that highly prized spring salmon then get your flies choice right and on sinking lines or tips. Over the last few years the following tubes have all caught first fish in Jan & Feb:- Monkey Conehead 1", Morangie copper tube 1.5" RS Willie Gunn Special copper tube 1.5", Tigertail Alistair, Gold Bodied Willie Gunn copper tube. If you already have these flies then you are one step closer to the big prize. If not, you can of-course order them from us right here. Sinking tips are also vital, Gaelforce & Rio have the best in my opinion so grab a range of densities asap in 6 & 10ft, we have the full range available to order online with a same day dispatch. Gaelforce lines have also been a revelation recently and maybe even a revolution, So many anglers are now experiencing the superslick qualities of these superb lines, if you can't improve your casting using them then there is no hope! They are my "go to" lines and crank up the Loop Cross S1 series of rods to absolute rocket launchers.

Keep tactics slow and as deep as you dare if you want the best chance of hooking that elusive January fish, and keep an eye on Andy Sutherland too, he knows exactly where the springers hang out and usually lands the first fish.

A superb recent first fish for Andy from beat 2 at 18lbs, they don't come much better. Black & Yellow Monkey was the fly.

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Ronald Sutherland

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This is the latest news from the Board "The Helmsdale Board is happy to welcome anglers to the Open Days in 2018. This starts on Thursday January 11th at 10am with the Pipe Band ceremony in the High St. and goes through to Saturday January 20th. Fishing will be by fly only. The whole river is open to fishing and there is no limit on numbers of anglers. Permits will be issued from the Belgrave Hotel in Helmsdale", tel 01431 821242.

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"Buy 2 get 1 free" on all flies (deal closed)

Ronald Sutherland

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One of Rons many superb springers this season using the Solar Monkey, Gaelforce line and Loop Cross S1 15ft combo.

The stunning and deadly RS Solar Monkey