Stop press - No 2 off the Helmsdale - Tail of the bay beat 3, 8lbs


The latest headlines would be a reasonable opening 2 weeks on the Dee with 28 off and a cracking opening day springer off the Findhorn Association water Stoney pool at 18lbs for Peter Green, Huntly. Peter is a very experienced angler and decided that the river conditions called for one of my RS Solar Monkey flies on a Patriot size 6 silver double. The rest of the set up was classic Hardy, Sintrix rod, Marquis reel and Mach floating line + 10ft sink tip. It certainly produced the goods and provided Peter with the best possible start to any season with the most highly prized fish of the...

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Check out these stunning Tungsten Willie Gunns/monkey style. Perfect for Spring everywhere atlantic salmon swim! Tungsten being more dense than copper means it will get down to the fish faster and deeper. They don't just bounce off the bottom, you can fish them off floating lines or sink tips and just wait for that big tighten up! Its as close to the perfect spring fly as you will get so grab some asap and get them in the water.

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No more action

Things have gone a little quiet on the Helmsdale after the dust has settled from the free opening weeks and Addies first fish. A few kelts are coming off but not that many anglers are on the water, par for the course on the river in early spring. Im hearing that there is one off the Oykel and a couple off the Carron so its all to happen. it looks like there will be a battle against big water and high winds for most of next week but dont let that put you off getting out.

We are already getting fly enquiries for Russia, Norway and Iceland, we have all the killers sink tips and lines you need and have neen kitting out many anglers for the last 20 years.

Check out the first fish off the Rynda Russian ASR in 2006 - I hooked it in the sea pool last cast last day wading as far as I dared on the right bank and paying out line so the fly could drift over a big boil a long way out of reach from a normal cast, a great result for perseverance. The fly was a 1.5" RS Allys copper TD...

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First fish is off

The first fish of the season was landed yesterday Jan 31st by Addie Sutherland, Brora. I predicted beat 6 Little Rock pool in an earlier report and it duly produced the goods once again. Addie was accompanied by the legendary Johnny Hardy who verified a fine 13.5 sea-liced springer taken on an Alistair tube fly.

The river Carron also recorded their first fish at 12lbs

Dont forget we still have our 3 + 1 deal on salmon fly orders over £30. Simply place your order and we add the free flies (one free) for every 3 you purchase. (Deal now closed) 15/2/20

Tight lines - the Springers are in!!

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Still no fresh fish off. last free days fishing today - Sat 25th January

We have launched a Spring 3 + 1 on all of our world renowned salmon flies so grab a few when you have the chance. Simply place an order of more than £30 and you receive a free fly for every 3 you purchase.

The river has not produced a fresh fish yet and conditions are very good. With one more week of the free fishing to go there should be every chance of a lucky angler hooking up with the most prized fish of the season, a January springer.

I have fished the river since I was strong enough to launch a fly across the water and have caught many spring salmon. My earlest was ofcourse on opening day in the Little Rock pool on beat 6 in the days when fish could be retained. The set up was full sinking line, 25lbs maxima nylon and a 2" copper gold bodied Willie Gunn, classic spring tackle to present the fly deep as spring salmon are not very interested in moving far to take a fly, yes, they...

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The rods are out and the river has dropped to a great height, unfortunately the first 3 days have provided no action apart from kelts. Its just a matter of time and you can bet that Andy (Torrish) Sutherland will sniff out a springer befor long!

Don't forget to order your flies right here as we have everything you need to catch & return that priceless spring salmon. We also have a great new range of Gaelforce sinking tips which are now even stronger and come in new 30lbs sizes in 10 & 15ft and up to 8ips. These will get your fly right down to the fish in the cold spring water. Grab them here -

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Opening Day

Unfortunately the opening day was a washout. The river started rising very early in the morning and only settled in the afternoon at around 5ft. No fish were reported apart from a few kelts. Hopefully the weather will settle and give anglers a chance from Monday 13th.

Dont forget that the fishing is free and open to the public for the next 2 weeks.

Our best spring fly - the RS Mylar Willie Gunn tube, unbeatable but we only tie them special order.

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RS Silver Wilkinson, another one of Rons great designs and you won't be too surprised to hear that it has accounted for many spring salmon from all over the Northern hemisphere, not just UK. Grab some here when you have the chance -

The free fishing at the opening of the Helmsdale salmon season has once again been extended. For the first time, the river will be open to the public for two weeks beginning on Saturday 11th through to Saturday the 26th. The mild weather conditions recently is sure draw in one or two of the fabled early Helmsdale runners so its a great chance to hook up and win the Bridge Hotel trophy. To get on the water you just need to register at Glencoast on the Main St who will also be running...

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Salmon anglers love their flies and usually can't have enough of them....especially ours! So we have some perfect double leaf boxed selections made up for him and her especially for Christmas with our best selling patterns.

You have the choice of a half or full selection on either selection, either way they are great stocking fillers....check them out, anglers love them and these are very exclusive, you cannot get them anywhere else!

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His two leafs

Her 2 leafs

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Last week we emailed our huge customer database and sign ups to our fishing report to inform of our annual fly "bogof" deal. Your email may or may not have been received by you for any number of reasons as some bounce back to us and do not get delivered occasionally. To qualify you must put "bogof" in the comments section when ordering and purchase over £30 worth of flies excluding selections and brooches.
Simply put, our bogof means "buy one get one free" and that means lots of free flies! whatever you buy, we add another the same or similar. but don't waste time as this deal can clean us out of many of your favourite patterns.

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Believe it or not, Christmas is only around 9 weeks away as I write so this is a great time to grab some of...

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