The rain is coming and we have a superb set of classic salmon tubes to take you into autumn in style. These are proven killers over the years so you will definately catch fish! The famous Junction shrimp is the star of the show here along with Gold bodied Willie Gunns and Allys shrimp. we are also giving away a deadly Black & orange loop bottle tube Monkey fly which also scores heavily lete in the season. as usual, grab them when you see them as these unique RS fly sets always sell out fast!

All come with tube doubles, click here to buy now -

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The fishing is not great anywhere at the moment due to the long dry spell especially in the North. The rivers are very low and we are all desperate for serious rain to get things going again.

So, on that note, Check out this stunning fly set we have on offer for when the rain does finally come....Rs SuperSquid Ruby red tubes are totally deadly in the autumn so don't miss out on this very special deal and get one of our RS Patriot Red Cascades thrown in for free.

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The fishing is struggling a little again especially in the North due to constant low water. There are lots of salmon around waiting for rain so keep your hooks sharp! In the meantime check out our latest deadly RS set of tubes below. Grab them asap to be sure of your supply.

These are the very best flies you will ever have for autumn. Tried and tested Red Frances with the best new RS designs on the block down to the incredible micro red Snaelda conehead. The special deal offers you 6 of the very best Frances style tubes with a free Red Zelda, one of the latest Icelandic sensations at the bottom of the picture. A mix of tungstens, copper tubes and coneheads perfect for getting down to the fish in all conditions and at a great price for the unique set.

You can buy them here right now, just click this link -

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So the rivers are up and salmon are active again with more rain to come. Its time to get the Solar Monkey back in the water and we have a great deal here for you. Grab this set of 4 sizes in 6, 8, 10 & 12 and get another Monkey fly free.

Fish these quickly in slow or steady water and conventionally or fairly quickly across any flow and stand by for action. Tied on the award winning Partridge Patriot silver doubles which have superb hooking power.

Buy them right here in one click -

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The Helmsdale struggled with low water again last week with around 30 fish off all told. The Association water which has been the best beat recently has slowed down markedly, a big spate is now required to refresh and get things going again.

On the fly scene we have had one of our best online seasons even with Covid killing off most of the spring fishing. We had a huge spike in activity when anglers were permitted to travel and fish again and have been very busy since. Most of our success is due to the Helmsdale Co brand offering RS design flies which cannot be purchased anywhere else online thanks to Rons insatiable creativity. Below you will see some of his incredible work with just the legendary Willie Gunn fly, the best known atlantic salmon fly in the world. To say he has taken the pattern to another level would be an monumental understatement. Just check out the flies and tubes set below, most of which...

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The water is up after long awaited rain and rivers are reporting some fine sport again. The Helmsdale Association water is producing the goods as always and another young gun has landed her first fish, at only 11yrs old Isla Macdonald winkled out a lovely grilse and dad Adam teamed up to make it a memorable double by landing a fine 9 pounder in Roaries pool. Prospects are good and it looks like there are good numbers of fish around.

Isla proudly displays her first salmon.

Adam returns his 9 pounder in the dusk

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The weather has made fishing very difficult recently and catches are reflecting this. Low warm water persists so fishing needs to be very tactical using micro flies, hitch tubes and getting up very early in the morning! Luckily we have loads of deadly flies for you to chose from like our special tactical set, click here to see it and buy -

But, we have an even better stunning new set of flies available especially for Alistair lovers in a range of new colours plus old favourites which are sure to wake up salmon and also grab your attention, The Alistair Spectrum set. Totally unique to Helmsdale Company these will be highly sought after so snap up a set as soon as you can to guarantee delivery..

The RS Alistair Spectrum set, buy...

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You can see some of our cracking deals below in previous reports. We will also tailor make a deal for you for any river you may fish.

The deadly RS Alistair Flamethrower size 14 Patriot gold double in stock for you to enjoy, it is a real summer special. Buy now right here -

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Summer is here.

The fishing is not exactly explosive right now as many rivers are running low so fishing early and late is paying off for anglers who are prepared to get out of bed early and fish into the dusk. Stocks seem quite healthy but there are cases of disease cropping up here and there due to the low and warm water. Rain would be good but the forecast is not indicating this anytime soon unfortunately. The Helmsdale Association water is a good bet right now as are many lower beats on UK rivers while fish creep in and settle in the lower reaches.

To help you along we have another stunning fly on offer which is a real summer heavyweight tweaked by Ron, The RS Cascade Firetail with real Junglecock. The deadly set on offer gives you a set of 7 for the price of 6 in 4 sizes right down to size 14s. Only available from Helmsdale Company so grab them when you can right here as they will sell out quickly.

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The Helmsdale struggled a little last week, low water, sun and high temps are not great ingredients for salmon fishing. The beats only just got into double figures in total for the week, the association water usually does better in low water and the early morning anglers managed to take advantage landing around 8 fish for the one mile beat. Good numbers of seatrout are also being caught, this is prime time...

We have another superb fly deal for you on our summer Alistairs which are without doubt the best Helmsdale summer flies. Ron has put together a super deadly discounted mix for you as you can see from the pic below. Mainly tubes and a couple of our Alistair Flamethrower doubles in 12s & 14s. To sweeten the deal even more, we are giving away a free Rs Cascade Firetail double with every set. This deal will sell out as most of them do so don't hang around if you want this incredible unique set of flies - note they come bagged or with tube doubles and boxed wuth tube doubles...

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