Slow start everywhere

Ronald Sutherland

It's a real slow start to the season everywhere this year and only 3 fish have been caught on the Helmsdale. Kildonan rods had a fish from beat 4 and Andy Sutherland had his second of the season from Kilphedir pool beat 2 at 8lbs, other than that the fishing has been very poor. It looks like the cold weather has maybe held back the early spring run, lets hope so. Spring will ease in eventually but its not happening anytime soon.

Our new fly collection is selling fantastically well everywhere, looks like people have loads of fishing lined up this year and want to have the best flies available. SuperSquid Cascade silver conehead and Blue Ass Willie Gunn are the outstanding favourites so far, team these up with a black & yellow Monkey or two and our SuperSnaelda Cascade and you have all bases pretty much covered for catching spring salmon.

Our collection of fishing tackle is growing in Baxters Village Clothing shop with a great selection of deadly salmon flies, boxes and accessories. We have also recently added Loop S1 salmon rods, Loop Evotec reels, Gaelforce and Carron lines.

The first person to purchase one of these superb rods gets £100 of our best flies for free when they contact me....so snap one up when you have the chance, pop in, grab a coffee, the restaurant also has great food, top up with some killer salmon flies and make a visit of it. If you want to test dreve a Loop, we have demo rods available. Go on, treat yourself to some fabulous fishing gear this season and watch that line fly out like never before, we have many very satisfied Loop customers.

Baxters fishing gear gathering space



Beast from the East still in charge!

Ronald Sutherland

The salmon fishing pause button is still pretty much engaged around the country as winter holds its grip on proceedings. Barring a very few spots, grue and ice is still winning the battle. Archie Richie braved the elements and took a fine 15 pounder off the Ness and Spey expert Graham Ritchie had a sparkling 8 pounder from the icy Rothes & Aitkenway beat.

The North is quiet although the Brora river has reported 5, the Helmsdale is still treading water on 2. The forecast is for more normal March conditions next week so hopefully we witness a thaw and rivers flowing again ice free with springers on the move.

If you have not heard already, we have a new salmon fly collection on the go ( and they are very much on the go!) flying out the door in preperatin for lots of fishing to ahead. They are being snapped up quickly espacially our new Cascade SuperSquid and Blue Ass Willie Gunn, These are set to be huge sellers. The good news is that at the rest of the collection arrives, the flies are available to trade dealers by the dozen for the first time. Call me for details if you want to stock any and I will send samples and a price list.

You can view and purchase the first arrivals here which include some of our best and most powerful designs based on years of experience - http://www.helmsdalecompany.com/new-rs-collection.html

Also check out the superb new tube fly box from Fulling Mill which we now have in stock. It can be totally and easily customised to hold any length of tube or fly as all compartments are fully adjustable. It also fits in your wading jacket pocket so grab one and get all your "go to" flies organised as well as hooks and extension tubing. Drop into the Ronald Sutherland facebook page to win this great box and all its deadly contents in our latest caption competition which will be running for 1 week from midday today (Sunday 4th ), good luck!


The Helmsdale is still dead and sitting on 2 whilst the Brora river has reported 5 off.

We are having a clearance sale at the Tackle Shop Helmsdale on Sat March 10th from 9am please bring cash only as the shop till is out of commission and there are various cash terminals in the village. Great deals to be had on rods, waders, reels, clothing, nets and a variety of accessories.

The first small wave of our long awaited new collection is rolling into stock amongst others - Check them out right here and grab some when you can, they are flying out the door! - http://www.helmsdalecompany.com/new-rs-collection.html

Some of our best designed flies ever are becoming available, Our clever naked range is already a huge hit going by forward orders placed...Kinermony and Cascade are available right now so you can order. Salmon cannot tear off body materials on these so they last longer plus they are tied on the superb Patriot doubles with no compromise to fly profile.

RS Naked Kinermony

RS Naked Cascade

RS SuperSquid spring Cascade

RS Blue Ass Willie Gunn

RS Green Ass Willie Gunn

RS SuperSquid Willie Gunn

RS Jungle Cock Cascade gold double

The Helmsdale river is still very quiet with only 2 fish off, latest from Badanloch rods on Lower Caen beat 1. The Brora is on 3.



Andy does it again

Ronald Sutherland

The first fish came off the river yesterday and it was the usual suspect who did it again Andy (Torrish) Sutherland! A 10lbs sea liced torpedo. Conditions were very good with the river just over 1ft and running clear. I was invited up to fish beat one with him and duly delivered his new Loop Cross S1 15ft along with Gaelforce Spey line and some flies and tips, confidence was high as the weather had softned and there had been no overnight frost. Overhead temps were good also and it was almost flat calm with the sun out for the top of the day - it had to happen!

We had fished the classic spots of Lower Caen and Salscraggie and then started to fill in with the others so Andy headed to Johns pool, he was only 2 casts into it when the line tightened in the head of the pool and the rest is history...another first fish! I was not there but he managed to grab some quick pics before the fish was released which clearly show the fish was a superb springer.

The setup ( for those who like the stats ) Loop Cross S1 15ft, Gaelforce Spey 63ft head, Gaelforce 10ft 7ips polytip, Maxima 18lbs and an RS TigerTail Alistair 1" copper tube which has caught the first fish before and has turned out to be a real spring favourite.

Fish & fly firmly in the scissors! You can buy the fly here - http://www.helmsdalecompany.com/tiger-tail-alistair-copper-tube.html

Perfect specimen and Loop setup. Loop rods can be purchased right here - http://www.helmsdalecompany.com/loop-s1-cross-salmon-rods.html

RS Alistair TigerTail, buy it here now - http://www.helmsdalecompany.com/tiger-tail-alistair-copper-tube.html

Our super popular spring 3 + 1 on flies is back on so its a good time to top up the flybox with our great flies. We have loads of "perfect tube fly boxes" Maxima Chameleon up to 20lbs and those critical sinking tips to get the flies right down in front of the fish.

Getting the fly out there is another thing and our Gaelforce lines & sinking tips will make that job easy. If your line is looking a little jaded then you know exactly what you need! Add a Loop Cross rod to the equation and you are set to enjoy your casting like never before...Andy & Ron both use these now, there is nothing better in our opinion.

On the fishing front, the Helmsdale is still blank but polar conditions have not helped. However, ice has melted and the river hit 5ft recently so it will be in respectable order now. Time to get on the big tubes as the fresh water will definitely encourage a springer or two into the system. We have all the flies and accessories you need to catch the most prized salmon of them all!

Check out all out deadly new fly selections below from recent reports.

The River is still blank unfortunately so time to get the rods out in full force to catch that first fish! its sure to be in the system now....

Tight lines.