Its all getting a little stale everywhere right now unless you have been lucky enough to catch some meaningful rain somewhere in the UK but our overseas orders are crashing in with high hopes of good seasons in Iceland, Russia and Scandinavia.

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The Helmsdale has had the best spring in 10 years, great news in a troubled spell for returning salmon but an  injection of water is required once again to get the fishing going otherwise it will be lean pickings until the sea-trout and grilse start to arrive in June.

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There were around 35 fish off the Helmsdale last week, considering the low water it was a pretty good effort. The next spate will provide good fishing as there are encouraging numbers of fish being seen in the river.

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As the fishing has gone a little quiet with low water its time to let you know that we have our legendary Loop Cross S1 salmon rods on a mouthwatering deal right now....Arguably the best salmon rods ever constructed. I have been using them for the last few years along with a big following who all know the script on them. Effortless power and lightness from a 4 piece rod which flexes with you, its not a poker but it can launch anything you load it with and they are an absolute joy to cast with. But don't take my word for it, snap one up and see for yourself!

There is nothing wrong in slugging it out with bargain basement rods, they will get the line out. But, you will always be holding your casting ability back because the better you get at casting, the more your old rod will fail to produce the results you deserve. The Loop Cross does the opposite, Whether you are a Pro or a novice, Cross rods let you operate...

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Low water

The Helmsdale is picking away with around 30 off in the last week, the Association water also produced a few, the low water suits that beat so it is well worth getting a day ticket.

Tactical options are evolving fast as the season progresses and temps rise. Salmon are now being tempted right on the surface hammering into sunray shadow tubes fished fast and square as well as coneheads fished a little deeper. The most successful anglers always carry a wide range of flies tied on different densities to cover any eventuality. Fishing a nice long line with intermediate tip and letting your chosen fly swing steadily all day works! But, always be prepared to quickly change your approach to a full floating setup and smaller fly if the temperature rises and there is surface action. Shorten up your line, raise your rod tip and tease a fast moving plastic Sunray Shadow and prepare for some monumental offers...salmon...

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I mentioned that a good day was had on beat 6 last week for the Torrish rods, here are the happy faces to prove it! The river was at a perfect height for the Little Rock pool which sits below the Kildonan falls section of the Helmsdale river. Springers are being caught practically everywhere now and when temps and water height come together there is always a great chance of some good sport on beat 6 as fish pause to comtemplate the fierce challenge ahead. As you can see, the boys took full advantage!

I don't have much details on the tackle used but copper tubes and coneheads fished off sinking tips is perfect for April if there is good water. Our flies are selling like hot cakes this season as the new collection is being digested by the salmon angling world. Grab some when you have the chance and get on the water....The fishing is gathering pace and the fish are in!

Phil Valori, Little Rock, 11.5lbs

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Fishing well.

Over 40 fish have come off the Helmsdale in the last fortnight and 4 off beat 6 on Saturday past by Torrish rods. Big water washed out a couple of days but the fish are in and it should fish nicely this week as the weather and water settles.

Struggling to keep up with orders right now as everyone seems to be out fishing, hence not so big fishing reports.....Gaelforce tips and lines are flying out the door as are our new collection flies, you can also grab them in the Twisted Thistle, Fochabers so make that trip! they are hammering salmon all over the UK!

A selection of lovely recent fish up to 19lbs

Gavin Perry (right) with Borrobol ghillie Glem Macdonald beat 3

Andrew Thomas with another sparkler.


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There were over 20 fish off the river last week....full report to come tomorrow, and thank you all for taking full advantage of our spring 3 + 1 deal in March.

Inside track - our Solar Monkeys are having some serious success right now on rivers all over the UK, Grab some at Twisted Thistle Fochabers if you need them right now or order online for delivery in a couple of days.

Our display at Twisted Thistle, full of yummy fishy things, especially Monkey tubes!! come and grab some...

RS Solar Monkey

The quality of...

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High water week

It has been another tough week on the Helmsdale as the river has been on the high side and a rise to 3ft on Friday did not help matters but fish were still caught. Beat 3 was the hot spot for some reason but that was not totally surprising as it holds some long quality spring pools which fish in high water, especially the Tail of the Bay and that’s where 3 of 4 from the beat were caught. It also produced the fish of the week, a blistering 24 pounder for Alan Stone who I believe also had an 18 pounder from beat 4. Lower Torrish produced another fish for beat 3 and beat 5 scored again to make it 6. Saturday settled a little and 3 more fish were caught on beats 1, 2 & 4 to take the tally to a respectable hard fought 9 for the week

So we have created a new Monkey fly category for arguably the deadliest spring salmon flies on the planet. Check it out here -

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Unsettled river

Not such a great week on the Helmsdale with only 4 fish reported. The river was unsettled but fish were caught on beat 5 (2) Kilphedir pool beat 2 and the Tail of the Bay beat 3.

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The river is simmering away and producing some nice fish. John (Hardy) Sutherland got the week off to a flyer hooking a perfect 14lbs sea licer at 9.05 am. The Whinnie pool beat 1 was the spot, Willie Gunn with green body did the rest! Another 5 were reported. Andy Sutherland struck again with an early morning 12 pounder from Lower Caen (bt 1) Jim Forsyth had his second from the Association water at 10lbs. Graham Nichols grassed a 9 pounder from Kilphedir (bt 2) on an Alistair tube and another fish was reported from beat 5. The best of the week fell to William Jappy who collided with a bruising 20 pounder covered in long tailed sea-lice on Friday, Dempsters pool (bt 4).

Andy with another missile at 12lbs


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