Tactical salmon anglers know when to switch to the "Red" zone towards the back end of the season, this unique fly selection chosen by Ron will give you a real professional edge and maximise your chances of hooking up. This set of superb flies has it all, from the spanking new breed of tubes featuring the Zelda fly, Frances tungsten bomb and Rs Supersquid Red to long standing most popular flies such as Red Frances, RS Ruby SuperSnaelda and Red Flamethrower. This is the inside track on the best flies built on decades of priceless experience and you cannot get better value than that. A mix of Tungsten, copper & conehead tubes & doubles to cover all conditions. A tip for more success - fish these on a selection of sinking tips which you can also purchase here online.

We can also box these or any other sets of flies as gifts for birthdays or Christmas presents, just email or call us and we will deal with...

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Steady fishing

The river produced over 30 fish last week plus a sprinkling off the local water. There are still fresh fish running and some very big fresh fish have been spotted jumping for the time of year. The low water conditions are not the best right now but the next spate should bring very good fishing. As usual in these conditions an array of tactics can work, hitching and dibbling with small tubes and doubles would be your best bet at the moment and we have all the killers you need including the tiny tube doubles and trebles required.

Watch out here this week for some stunning new flies and the release of our best ever autumn set, including our favoutite Red Alistair pictured below which is a real fish producer as the season slides into autumn mode.

Check out our gorgeous Blue Elver flies...

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Good fishing

The fishing has been pretty good on the Helmsdale this week with young Evan and his dad Robert Orr picking up 3 fish each on the Association water. The total for the beat was probably over 20 fish off with Alistairs and Baby tds being most successful.

We are still bvery busy indeed online so grab flies when you have the chance..........

The top river is back in full swing and with a decent grilse run on the fishing is peaking for the season.

Evan Orr with his first of the week from the Lower Allan pool. Under current rules a small number of fish can be retained on the Helmsdale.


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The fishing everywhere has been pretty good considering the fact that rivers are still being lightly fished. But, fishing is opening up a little more in July as more restrictions are lifted on travel and accom provision. This means we are seeing a big increase in UK and international orders here which is good news after lockdown.

Anglers are visiting Iceland already and it looks like most top destinations will see some fishing this season for anglers other than locals. Speaking of which, the Helmsdale is still producing the goods despite disease hitting again this season and locals are taking full advantage of the chance for a cast on the private beats. Jordan Marshall was lucky on the upper beats with one or two fish on his own Black & Blue  Td pattern and fish are being caught all over the river now, the Loch is holding a good head of fish also. Sea-trout have arrived and when the tides suit some nice fish are being caught on the Association water.


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Spey on fire

It has been a great post lockdown return to the rivers generally and Scotland has been no exception. The Tweed and Spey seem to be on fire as most rivers report some fine sport.

Red letter days have been reported on the Spey as 2 local experts landed 10 fish to their own rods in one day on Orton and the Brae water. Ronnie Fraser had a grand day with 4 fish on Orton until he had a break, in the next pool he fished he had 6 offers and another six fish landed to round off an incredible days fishing. Then it was the turn of Graham Ritchie on the Brae water who landed 9 salmon and one grilse to mark yet another outstanding day on Speyside.

The lower river seems to be holding a substancial head of fish and with the river at around 6" the fish seem in no hurry to run the system too quickly. having said that I was still confident when I got the call to have a cast up on Wester Elchies opposite Aberlour on Friday. The new Solar Alistair tungsten conehead wes deployed fished off...

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The heatwave has finally abated and the Helmsdale has sprung into action. Lots of fish were landed all over the river last week and a few grilse are now on the go too. The biggest fish reported was a thumping 25 pounder for John Hardy way up in Miss Moulds pool on beat 5 above on one of his home tied Alistair coneheads, its a lovely bright version of the fly tied with dyed yellow squirrel tail and topped off with a sliver cone, John also had a classic 4lbs grilse on beat one along with several other fish for his week.

13 were caught on beat 2 one day and the highlight of the week from the Association water was a first fish for young Aaron Grant also caught on an Alistair conehead tube.

The river is in full spate today ( Sat ) and although it is a washout it is sure to set up some great fishing next week.

As usual, we have all the flies you need to enjoy your fishing from South American sea-trout to hitching in Iceland and everywhere in between, have a good rake...

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The river Helmsdale opened once again on a glorious day with much anticipation in the air. The Strath had an eerie quietness about it but it soon provided some good sport for the lucky few who had the honour of fishing the most rested (in season) water of all time. John Hardy was one of them and he quickly got off the mark on beat 3  above landing fish in the New Stream and Georgina. George Hardy also had a couple from Red Bray. All beats scored before the sun scorched the glen and over 20 fish were reported for the day including 2 from the Association water which is also open for business on the same restricted basis as all other fisheries in Scotland. The season should now be in full swing with some heavy June fish arriving and...

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Fishing is getting closer as a Lockdown exit strategy is being penned. More and more anglers are topping up their flyboxes and looking out their fishing gear. Summer is here, the rivers are rested, anticipation is at fever pitch and a charge on our rivers is imminent.

We have just the set of flies to hit the ground running, and a very special set it is with more of Rons unique thinking on full display. Ron has designed so many new concept and innovative flies over the years, the latest being his RS Solar Monkey range which had immediate lethal success on the Spey. This success soon spread everywhere atlantic salmon swim so it was from this new Solar range that Ron took his inspiration to create yet another deadly tweak on some of our favourite salmon flies.

The Firetail series was born and it is heading for best seller status already. A deadly vibrant...

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Lockdown has been extended so only one thing for it, an upgrade of the deadly Alistair tube. The Alistair has firmly and fashionably taken over from the Megan tube which was the absolute "go to" tail fly of the past. Very few rods would be seen on the river Helmsdale in summer without a Megan tube on the tail end of a classic dibbling dropper set up. Nowadays its the Alistair tube and who would argue that is not more successful than the awesome power of the timy black & blue Megan?

Well, the rise of the Alistair is complete, it has powered its way on to most rods for much of the season in all forms, coneheads, copper and aluminium tubes, Pot bellied pigs, Tigertails and more but in summer it is the plastic tube version that now commands the top spot.

I had one of my best ever seasons around 15 years ago in the Highlands landing around 100 salmon mainly over the summer. The water was low all summer but the salmon were still running. At that time my top fly by a long...

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It's still "Lockdown " until we are advised otherwise but indications are that some restrictions may be eased allowing golfing, fishing and other activities that allow sensible and safe social distancing.

The trout season has eased in as all the madness continues so there will be a lot of hingry fish out there waiting for your offeringd when we get back so we have some great new patterns below for you to box and get in the water. Most are from the deadly new Davy Macphail series. we have also uploaded some great new salmon flies also shown below so sharpen your hooks and get ready for a cast.....

The deadly Bibio is one of the absolute best brown trout flies and we have a few great new options for trout to hit. Check out our brown trout category.

McPhail Bibio Detatched Hopper

McPhail Double Humpy Bibio

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