RS Willie Dog conehead never fails!

Ronald Sutherland

The Helmsdale is coming off a few good weeks. The first big water of the summer induced a great week early June with around 100 fish off and the following week reported 80 or so to keep the great momentum going for the season. Last week has not been so good as the main run is drying up a little and grilse are very thin on the ground but its very typical for the time of year. A few small grilse have been caught so its just a question now of when with the main run come in and how many. The Association water was not on fire but fish were taken if the hours were put in. Latest news hot off the press - William Jappy had 4 today (24/6/17) one at 8lbs and 3 grilse between 3 & 4lbs Alistair jappy had a 7lbs fish yesterday. Looks like things are about to hot up so get your flies ordered and hooks sharpened and don't forget to get them from us, the specialists!...permits are available from Rob at Thyme & Plaice and the Bannockburn on Dunrobin St.

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The Brora has been picking away well also with good water levels and last week I had first hand experience of it having the luxury of two rods booked on the South bank. As it turned out we got off to a flyer as my partner in crime and fiancee Donna grassed a 13.5 pounder within 20 mins of starting at 6.30am in her favourite Madman pool. the rest of the week produced only another dozen fish but at least 6 were lost after playing them for a few minutes, more offers were had but they did not connect. If the truth be told, the water was way too high for the first half of the week with the spate topping out at close to 3ft on the Ford pool marker on Monday. Brother Andy had another out of Madman and Adam Macdonald had a bar of silver from Otter pool after bending the rod on one in the Pot and getting smashed out of the park by a brute in Greenbank! below are a bunch of pics from the week to brighten up the report! By the way, the fly of the week was my favourite Willie Dog conehead which never fails on the Brora...it landed 6 for me during the week but could have been 10.

Once again, Loop rods and Gaelforce lines made fishing an absolute pleasure, I just cannot praise this tackle combo enough, I do love the Loop GDC shootine heads which complement the rods superbly but the Gaelforce range get the nod for me as they are all integrated through to floating runningline on their Spey and shooting head lines. Please call me for a cast or demo with any from our selection of Loop rods and Gaelforce lines, you need to feel the amazing quality to believe it! call us to order any of this kit, they are by far and away our best sellers over the last 2 seasons, No prizes for guessing why!

I must give a special mention also to our incredibly comfortable and spacious accom run by John & Caroline McMorran which lies close to the Brora river. This fabulous 4 bedroom house offers absolutely everything you could wish for including free broadband and a homely wood burning fire as well as oil fired central heating. It has everything required for a week on the river, the huge open plan kitchen is a fantastic space to relax and eat and the beds are as comfy as you will ever sleep on, we thoroughly recommend it and have already booked it for next year! - http://www.self-catering-clynelish.com/

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Willie Dog securely in the scissors of another sea liced rocket.

Off he goes full of power to fight another day

The fish were of superb quality as you can see, no problem with feeding for these guys wherever they came from!

Otter pool looking great

Donna's reward for getting up early Monday Morn. Loop Cross S1 13ft

The Beech and Beech tree pool, not quite so rewarding! however we did retrieve the killer fly...

Another missile netted for Ron, Tail of Bengie pool.

Tail of Bengie pool at around 1ft 6

The gorgeous Greenbank pool at 2ft

The resulting chromer for RS first time down it...

Upper Cliff pool in fine fettle.

Adam Macdonald and my daughter April have the top of the Otter pool well covered later in the week lower water.

Adam Macdonald in the Pot pool, minutes later he was hit by a salmon right on the surface which did not stick!

Another hefty fish later in the week from Greenbank

Donna into another double figure fish but unfortunately it won the battle this time throwing the hook after 5 minutes

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Get geared up for summer!

Ronald Sutherland

Time to gear up on Summer killers like the beauties below. These are some of the absolute best of the best proven salmon killers over the years. Coneheads & Crimp tubes (weighted bodies) have become hugely popular in flyboxes everywhere and its no secret why. They are slightly weighted and start to fish great just sub surface, the salmon attack them in full vision and suck in! You can fish them with tube singles, doubles or trebles too. The other flies of note are the Silver Stoats Tail silver doubles, Cascade, Park Shrimp and Alistairs, deadly again as droppers or point flies in a highland team. Then there are Monkey flies, SuperSquid and Red Frances, you cannot go wrong with these, we got it covered!

We now also have the superb Hardy Marquis reels back in stock in No 1 & No 2, absolute classics all day long. They have been upgraded with better looks and a more controlled drag system but they still have the most coveted (screaming reels) sound in fly fishing, of that there is no doubt!

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Go on, treat yourself and pop one on a Loop rod with a Gaelforce line! Its a dream combo...



Helmsdale plugging away

Ronald Sutherland

The Helmsdale keeps plugging away with another 45 fish reported last week. Hopes were high at the start of the week as a double dose of fresh water arrived but it was soon to disappear. The river crept up by only a few inches and by midweek it was almost back to normal, tropical weather hit with temps almost hitting 30 degreees and sport fell away. Ian Muir had a decent week with 12 for his party, 10 of which he caught himself, the best at 19lbs (below) from the Short pool beat 5. A couple of grilse have been spotted and the sea-trout should be arriving very soon.

Surprisingly enough the Association water did not produce many, Alistair Jappy added another couple to his tally using Baby Tds and Jim Forsyth also had one. The bulk of a strong spring/early summer run is in the system now and its a waiting game for the grilse and sea-trout to kick in and join them for the next phase of the season.

Dont forget to check out our deals below on Loop rods, reels & Gaelforce lines, these are some of the best casting combo's out there. If you want to treat yourself this season then contact us as we have exactly what you need! we have some great new fly boxes from Airflo in stock now too which are perfect for all sorts of fly selections at 6" x 3.5" call us to custom a selection for you for any river, destination or occasion & gift.

Premier Dee selections below x 2

Please also note that I will be fishing on the Brora for the week commencing June 12th so no orders will be processed that week, please order in advance to get your order fullfilled in time.



Dream Summer Combo's (latest report)

Ronald Sutherland

21/5/17 The last week saw around 35 fish off the river, Conditions were not great with sunshine and loew water the main feature but the river has risen over the weekend. Heavy rain on Saturday fed the catchement sufficient enough to add just around 4ins which will freshen things up a little, the week ahead should be better.

The Association water would have expected to fish better but only 3 fish were caught and all to the rod of Alistair Jappy on Saturday.

Don't forget to get yourself kitted out with Gaelforce lines if you are looking for real quality, better still, pop one on a Loop rod and you will cover the water like never before...check out our great deals below, call me anytime for advise.

A couple of deadly flies we have available for your summertime box...

The deadly new Icelandic sensation, the Zelda, fish on a dead drift or conventional and wait for the big hammering take!

Our awesome Cascade Pot Bellied Pig in 0.25 & 0.5" 0.75" & 1" in Copper or Tungsten, the quality is second to none. The top one is tied on 0.25" Tungsten and gets right down in front of the fish where it is very often viciously inhaled.


14/5/17 The river produced around 45 fish last week despite the low water, rain may change everything in the week ahead. Very encouraging numbers of fish seen have been reported from all areas of the river.

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Gaelforce floating short Spey 7/8
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Gaelforce floating Spey 8/9 54ft or 63ft head
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Loop Evotec G4 HD 8-10
Gaelforce floating Spey 9/10 54 or 63ft head
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Loop Cross S1 15ft 10wt 6pc
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Get kitted for abroad

Ronald Sutherland

The Northern hemisphere is defrosting abroad...the salmon are gathering and it will soon be time for many anglers to jump on a plane for the destination fishing trip of a lifetime.

Iceland, Russia and Scandinavia are all ready for another explosive season and we have the gear you need including Seaguar or maxima nylon, Sinking tips, The awesome Gaelforce salmon lines & rods and Loop rods & reels plus Loop doubles which are the favourite for strength and hooking power. Fulling Mill also have superb Silver tube doubles also made by Mustad and identical to look at as Loop doubles.

We have a huge range of great flies with a mix of tradition, innovation and the downright audacious! Check out some of them below and in our last fishing report. We have surface killers, Laerdals, Hitch, Sunrays. We have Tungstens to sniff out the deepest lying fish and everything in between in copper, aluminium, conehead & plastic.

Just remember one of the biggest killers in recent times has been the RS SuperSnaelda in all its deadly forms. We have some great flies tied on salar doubles in stock also like RS Skandi Cascade green butt & Red Butt. Micro trebles, Big Sunrays, just check out the range of doubles and tubes and you will find pretty much exactly what you need.

RS SuperSnaelda - insanely good!

Brora Willie Gunn - as good as it gets at home and abroad, never forget the power of the classic Willie Gunn, these catch salmon for fun!

An RS Special - International SuperSquid.