Micro flies and a stealthy approach

Ronald Sutherland

Drought conditions are still plaguing the country and fly fishing continues to be challenging at best with low warm and slimy water facing anglers. However, as per usual the Helmsdale river has a rather unique knack of providing sport for the multitude of angling abilities who fish her. Around 65 salmon were reported for the week of the beats. The Association water is fishing well also as the low water suits it, get small flies and light tackle on and put in the time, you will definitely catch, and all for just £25 per rod per day. Grilse will run so long as their eyes remain sub surface so they will certainly enter rivers in the hours of darkness and under cloud cover during the day. They can then be caught once settled on micro flies of varying styles and colours.

The Helmsdale Company has everything you need to hook wary summer salmon and don't forget the seatrout! I have been fly fishing for over 40 years and I've yet to witness a better low water fly than the Baby TD ( designed by myself ). Temple Dog salmon tubes have an amazing presence in the water but although they have Scandinavian origins they travel very well indeed and are generally big tubes. in recent years I decided they required a huge downsize modification to initially suit the Helmsdale and then the whole Northern Hemisphere where they have been deadly over the last 15 years. This year they are performing like never before as the salmon season suffers the bleak extended spell of low water. Many anglers are using them to great effect on very light tackle all over Europe. Other flies of note right now are our Alistair hitch tubes and micro trebles and tubes. Keep your leaders light and long, try a dropper, sink a tiny conehead or tungsten micro frances fly if depth is sufficient...... There are fish to be caught if you are creative and stealthy in your approach, below are some of our deadliest patterns. pics uploading

Rons unique and deadly Baby TD tube

Alistair Hitch tube which can be fished as a micro tube conventionally or in deadly hitch mode

Micro Frances tubes 0.25" body

The fishing is not great anywhere right now but there are reports of fish "on the coast" at many locations around the UK. Perhaps most salmon are more comfortable wallowing in the cool sea temps rather than running the gauntlet of warm slimy oxygen depleted rivers, I know what I would do if I was a salmon!

So, a chance to top up with some of our great flies on a 3 + 1 deal as the best of the season may yet be about to happen, every season is different. This year was late on all accounts weather wise but, grilse were running early on many rivers, well before mid June when we traditionally start looking for them in earnest.

This special deal is slightly different from the usual in that your +1 free flies will all be selected by Ron from his New Collection, you won't be disappointed! so as usual, please select your flies in multiples of 3 and we will add the freebees so long as your order is for more than £35. You can start shopping right here -

Check out one of our new concept new collection flies below designed by Ron, the Naked Allys Shrimp showing two images of the same fly. Arguably one of the most effective salmon flies of all time now more durable and slick. Perfect for low water and we have more in the set all tied on top quality silver Partridge Patriot doubles. GRAB some in our 3 + 1 deal.

Same fly here nice and slick ready for fishing...



Need water but seatrout fishing good.

Ronald Sutherland

The conditions are getting tougher on the Helmsdale, barring a damaging flash flood and a small recent rise in the water its been a seriously dry summer so far. The sea trout anglers are scoring and the sport will continue so long as the water is low. Grilse and a sprinkling of salmon are being caught too ofcourse and around 50 were reported last week from the beats. The Association water is in prime time right now with seatrout and salmon fishing largely peaking between now and end July.

Here on Speyside water levels are also low but the fishing is also picking up and seatrout fishing is superb with many fish in the 5 - 12lbs range being reported from Pitcroy, Knocando etc

We are selling loads of small flies and tubes right now due to the low water so have a good look around the site and grab some wee doubles in 12s & 14s along with 1.4" tubes in plastic copper and tungsten which are all working in different depths of water and tactics. One surprise is how well one of our new flies is working for both salmon & seatrout - the Naked Kinermony killer picured below, its always been a great salmon fly but sea-trout seem to be hammering it from dusk to dawn. The lethal bright silver Patriot double is making sure most are sticking on! and I think the silver of the body is the buggest attraction, you can buy them right here ofcourse! -

The deadly Naked Kinermony killer is in 4 sizes, top grilse and sea-trout sizes 10s & 12s



The grilse have arrived

Ronald Sutherland

Check out these amazing huge pieces of vintage monkey hair - the best we have ever seen...grab some now whan you have the chance right here -

Storm Hector failed to produce a spate but it did not affect catches too much as the Helmsdale river produced around 45 fish. Grilse have arrived and hopefully the run will extend well into July. Grilse have also arrived on the Brora and most are in very good condition.

During my Brora week, low water dictated the tackle and small flies were a must, the RS SuperSquid micro, UV Alistairs and Baby TDs were very effective as usual. Loop Cross S1 rods in 10ft and 13 were the rods of choice, they are unrivalled for lightness and presentation, 12ft would have been ideal, I feel another purchase coming on!

Ron with one of many superbly conditioned Brora grilse which attacked his Alistair UV tube with the usual ferocity, click the link below to buy.

Donna with her biggest of the week, a 9 pounder Beech tree pool, Alistair UV conehead

Adam Macdonald grilse No 2 Ford pool, Baby TD

The Madman pool looking rather low

The tiny Style pool, one of the best low water chances on beat 1

Another torpedo grilse returned in Lower Fannich pool.



2ft rise should give some sport?

Ronald Sutherland

Check out our deadly Alistair TigerTail like you have never seen it before here - scroll down to the rotating model - You can buy them right here in tungsten or copper right down to 1/4", these have never been available before so small -

The Helmsdale struggled to produce last week but it was no surprise under the bright and hot conditions. The river was low and anglers fishing early & late did the most damage. I doubt if there were more than 20 off including the Association water as many rods blanked for the week. But, the river was blessed with 2ft of fresh water on Sunday so hopefully a great week ahead....

On a more positive not, we have added some more great looking flies to our New Collection especially the Naked Alistair gold Patriot doubles below, These are absolutely perfect for droppers on small rivers or a single fly and run on sizes 6, 8, 10 & 12. Grab some here whilst in stock!

New RS Naked Alistair - no body, just the bright gold hook which adds maximin durability. Real JC and the award winning Patriot hook.

More from the classic naked range we have designed...staying ahead of the game with no compromise to fly profile, if anything we have enhanced them....we just await delivery of the Willie Gunn, the rest are in stock to snap up here -